Today, many small businesses are using automation to transform their operations and take them to the next level. There are many reasons for this decision, most of which have to do with progress, technological advances and the desire to accomplish more in less time and save resources. In recent years, automation has helped big businesses a lot, and with the huge advancement in technology, small businesses can also join this party and improve their brand. By reacting to new trends in real time, you can put your business on a path that sets it apart from the competition.

The problem, as is often the case, is that most automation tools are still designed for large enterprises. Fortunately, there are some that can help any business or brand, no matter how big or small, and this article is dedicated to them. If your goal is to take your small business on a new path, check out our article on business automation tools that will make your life easier. Let’s take a look at how technology can help your business.

1. Zapier

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Saving time and money is exactly what you’re looking for in any business process, and with Zapier, it’s exactly that. With this automation platform, which is quite simple, you can increase your productivity with ease. When we say simple, we mean it, because the automation process is quite simple. It is designed to connect other applications you use in your business to an automated system. The goal is to facilitate the daily work by making all necessary applications work together thanks to an automated system, Zapier.

It can do many things, all aimed at enhancing your brand. You can set it to save all files received through Gmail to Google Drive. You can also connect it to your Twitter feed, and once you send a tweet, it can also post your blog posts as attachments. You can do wonders with the files transferred within your company and share them across multiple platforms or store them in a private repository. With this tool, you can create as many transactions as you want to save time, allowing you to accumulate money.


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In many ways, IFTTT and Zapier are very similar. The principle of these two applications is quite similar. These are repetitive manual tasks that are taken over by other applications so that they work as a unit and data is exchanged between them. IFTTT has managed to make a name for itself in this area, and has even managed to surpass Zapier in this department. One could even say that it is an improved and more advanced version. The only drawback you might have is that it’s not designed for team use. It can only work on one account.

But it has its own advantage, and that is at the moment of reaction once it is connected to other applications, and we can say that it is triggered in an instant when called. Zapier is not very responsive, and this is perhaps its biggest shortcoming given that it only has five to fifteen minutes of response time. At the same time, Zapier can be configured for multiple actions from a single set of triggers, whereas this is not possible with IFTTT. As for these two tools, you can choose your poison.

3. CRM software

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It’s not even a question of whether your company needs this kind of in-house help – it does! Customer relationship management should be an integral part of any business, regardless of its size. In some cases, the value you bring in cannot be measured, whether in time, money or productivity. Depending on your needs, you can benefit from using this system in your business in different ways. This can give your business a lot of value and motivation if you work in a fast-paced industry where customer relationships are important. With the right tool, you can always keep an eye on the building blocks of your business, such as integration, costs and staff. If you’re in this niche and looking for the right software, turn to MoversTech CRM for automated support that can transform the way your business operates.

4. Cultural sites

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A successful business means only one thing: a fulfilling life. Most people live like this these days, and there is less and less free time in our lives. If you run a business, no matter how big or small, you need to hold a lot of meetings. It’s about giving our customers and partners a little recognition. In order to complete all the tasks you have to do, you need to make each meeting run effectively. Meetings can be stressful and time consuming, but they don’t have to be so organized. If you want to stay on track, the Caliturist objects you create are the solution.

This tool is designed to move and track communications between all your applications and partners within a calendar application, so appointments can be scheduled at the right time. This highly customizable and communicative application allows you to customize your calendar and create openings for meetings. Once you have all the necessary information, you can create a calendar for the people you want and have them pick a date and time to meet. If your company is in sales, your team members will love using this tool. You can connect with both your employees and your customers, and it can be used as a means of internal and external communication with factors related to your business. The best part is that it can be easily configured to work with any of the automated tools like Zapier mentioned above.

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