Printers are one of the most important devices you can own if you want to convert electronic files into hard copies. Print Substitute is an indispensable software that allows users to manage and organize print jobs. You can also delete a print job using the printer’s spooler technology. However, if the pressure washer continually shuts off, it can be quite difficult to repair.

There are several reasons why your computer’s print spooler keeps stopping. If you z. B. you have an outdated printer driver or you have not installed the latest Windows 10 update, the Print Spooler service can often crash. The print spooler service needs to work properly if you want to avoid printing problems.

23 Solutions to resolve print spooler freezes in Windows 10

There are several solutions you can try if the pressure washer keeps quitting. You can follow the decisions below (in chronological order).

1. Troubleshooting printer starts

On Windows 10 computers, there is a built-in printer troubleshooter that you can use to measure print spooler issues. You need to open the Settings application. Press Windows key + I to open Settings; type Troubleshooting in the search box and press Troubleshooting Settings.

alt=Open troubleshooting options data-ezsrc= />Open troubleshooting options

Now go to the Printers section and select Run this troubleshooter. Follow the on-screen troubleshooter instructions and wait for the process to complete.

alt=Click Perform this troubleshooting to solve the problem of the print spooler always stopping data-ezsrc= />Click Perform this troubleshooting.

After troubleshooting, restart the PC and check if the pressure washer problems are resolved.

2. Checking the status of external procedure calls

Remote Procedure Call (RPC) is a protocol that allows a program to request services from another service on another computer on the network without providing any information about the network. If your print spooler on Windows 10 is constantly stopping, it may be because the RPC services are not configured properly.

To correct the RPC settings, press Windows key + R to open the Run command window. To open the Services.msc window, type services.msc in the address bar.

alt=Open Service Window data-ezsrc= />Open Service Window

Then find the RPC Locator service and right click on it. Choose Properties from the context menu.

alt=Open RPC Properties data-ezsrc= />Open RPC Properties

Then on the General tab, change the startup type to Automatic. Click Apply and OK to save your changes.

alt=Change startup type to automatic to solve the problem with the pressure washer Stop data-ezsrc= />Change startup type to automatic

Ideally, the pressure washer should start working after this process.

3. Cleaning up spooler files

If the print spooler keeps stopping, this may be due to corrupt and redundant files, which then often cause errors. Clearing the backlog will clear the rest of the print job.

First open the Services window with the Run command as we saw in the previous solution. Locate the Print Spooler service, right-click on it and select Stop; minimize the Services window after this stop.

alt=Stop print spooler service ezsrc= />Stop print spooler service

Now open Windows File Explorer and navigate to the following locations. Make sure you accept administrator rights when opening these folders.



Delete all files in the PRINTERS folder in both paths. Remember that you are only deleting the contents of the folder, not the entire folder.

alt=Delete content to fix print spooler blocks data error ezsrc= />Delete content in PRINTERS folder

Now open the service window you minimized earlier. Right click on Print Spooler and start it.

alt= data-ezsrc= />Start the printer spooler service

Then disconnect the printer from the PC and reconnect it after a few minutes. Make sure the pressure washer stops after performing this method.

4. Restart the pressure washer

If the pressure spooler keeps stopping, you can restart the pressure spooler service and see if that solves the problem.

First, open the Services window via the Run command window, as described in the previous solutions.

Then locate the Print Spooler service and right-click on it; select Restart from the context menu.

alt=Restart to fix print spooler problem Saves data stop-ezsrc= />Restart print spooler service

After you restart the service, try printing on paper to see if the computer sends the print job to the print spooler.

5. Remove optional printer

If you have multiple printers connected to your Windows 10 computer, this may cause the print spooler to stop frequently. Make sure all unnecessary printers are turned off and then try sending print jobs to the spooler.

Press Windows + I to open the settings window. Find and click Printers and Scanners in the search box.

alt=Open printers and scanners from the Settings folder data-ezsrc= />Open printers and scanners from the Settings folder

Then select the printer you want to disable and click on it. Click on the Remove now option to complete the process.

alt=Remove Printer Device to Recover Print Spooler Holds Suspended Data-ezsrc= />Remove Printer Device

After removing the printers you don’t need, restart the computer and check that the spooler is working properly.

6. Remove dual driver

If you have duplicate printer drivers installed on your PC, remove them using the print management utility. Go to the Cortana search bar and type Manage Prints. Click the Manage Prints button in the list.

When the Manage Print window opens, select All Drivers from the left pane.

Now look for any duplicate drivers in the right hand pane and remove them. Check that the pressure reel stops regularly after this procedure.

7. Reinstall printer drivers

If you encounter a printer spooler error, consider uninstalling and reinstalling the printer drivers to resolve the issue.

First press Win + X to open the Device Manager. Then go to and expand Printer Drivers.

Right-click on the driver and select Uninstall from the context menu. After removing it, you can go to the manufacturer’s website and download the latest drivers.

Then expand the Printer Queues section; right-click on each printer queue and select Refresh. After performing all these steps, restart your computer and see if the problem persists.

8. Install device drivers in compatibility mode.

You can install the printer drivers in compatibility mode to solve the spooler problem. If your current drivers are outdated or incompatible with your Windows operating system, you can run them in compatibility mode so that they work without issue.

First, open the folder where you downloaded the printer driver. Now right click on it and select Properties.

Then select the Run this program in compatibility mode option on the Compatibility tab.

You can now select any operating system from the drop-down menu. Click Apply and OK to save the settings. Install the drivers and reboot the PC before checking if the problem is solved.

9. Remove unnecessary registry keys

If the print spooler constantly crashes on Windows 10 computers, you can make the appropriate registry changes by fixing the registry keys of the spooler. However, it is advisable to save the registry settings before making any changes. If something goes wrong, you can restore the saved settings.

Press Windows + R to open the Run command; type regedit in the address bar and press Enter.

alt=Enter regedit and click OK data-ezsrc= />Enter regedit and click OK

When the Windows Registry opens, navigate to the following paths. Make sure you follow the path that matches your system configuration.

For the 32-bit version of Windows :

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlPrinting EnvironmentsWindows NT x86Printing Processors

For 64-bit Windows :

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlPrinting EnvironmentsWindows NT x64Printing Processors

You should now destroy all files except winprint. Now right-click on the file and select Delete from the context menu.

You can also remove the default ISPs in the Windows Registry Editor. Just do it.


Now remove all subkeys except LanMan Print Services and Internet Print Provider.

After these steps, close the registry editor and restart the PC. Check if this method solves the problems with the pressure washer.

10. Installing the latest Windows updates

If your Windows 10 print spooler is intermittently shutting down, you should check for system updates for your computer. If you have not installed the latest updates, all necessary drivers and files are outdated.

First, open the Preferences window and select Update and Security from the list of options.

alt=click on data update and security ezsrc= />click on update and security.

Then click the Check for updates button.

alt=Check for updates data-ezsrc= />Check for updates

When a new update is available, it is automatically downloaded and installed. Restart the computer and check if this solution solved your problem.

11. Anti-virus scanning

Malware can cause major problems on your computer, including printing services. This can damage system files or alter registry values. Therefore, make sure you install anti-malware software like Malwarebytes or other anti-virus programs to destroy threats that block the print spooler.

12. Updating Printer Drivers

Updating drivers is an important process that needs to be done if the Windows 10 print spooler fails frequently. Driver updates improve security and aim to fix various types of bugs that can slow down your computer or cause other malfunctions. Installing the wrong version of the driver may affect the performance of the PC. You can read the guide to updating drivers in Windows 10.

13. Starting the Ckdsk utility

If your computer has hard disk errors, they can often cause problems with the print spooler. You can run the Chkdsk utility to measure and resolve problems.

First, type cmd in the Cortana search box and select Run as administrator.

alt= data-ezsrc= />Open the command line

Now enter this command.

Ccdsk C: /f

alt= data-ezsrc= />Executing the Chkdsk utility

You can change the letter C to the name of the disk on which you want to run the test. In addition, the user can type /r to fix physical problems on the computer. Verify that the pressure washer problems are corrected by performing the following steps.

14. Start SFC scan

The System File Checker (SFC) is used to check damaged system files and replace them with new versions. If the print spooler stops frequently, you can run an SFC scan to determine if damaged system files are interfering with the proper operation of the print spooler. You can follow the instructions to run an SFC scan from the command line on your Windows laptop.

15. System recovery

System restore restores your old Windows 10 computer settings to an earlier date. You can perform a system restore, especially if you change some settings and do not understand which changes cause problems on the PC. If your Windows 10 print spooler is not working, you can perform a system restore to determine the root cause of the problem and take steps to fix it.

16. Evaporator recovery

Windows 10 print spooler may not work correctly if you have not set the correct recovery option. These printer spooler recovery settings are automatically changed for various reasons.

First press Windows + R to open Run; type services.msc in the address bar and click OK.

When the Services window opens, locate the Print Spooler service, right-click on it, and select Properties.

Now select the Restore tab and set the first three options to Restart Service. Click Apply and OK to save your changes.

alt=Change Restore Settings to Resolve Print Pool Stops in Windows 10 data-ezsrc= />Change Restore Settings

Make sure the pressure washer stops after performing this method.

17. Pressure reel change service

You can try replacing the pressure washer if it is not working properly. The process is easy to understand and follow.

First, open Run with the Windows logo-key + R and type services.msc in the address bar. Click OK to open the Services window.

Now locate the Print Spooler service, right click on it and select Properties.

alt=Open Properties data-ezrc= />Open Properties

In the Properties window, select the Input tab and uncheck the Allow system to communicate with desktop check box. Then click Apply and OK to save your changes.

alt= Disable Print Spooler Stops in Windows 10 data-ezsrc= /> Disable the check box.

Try running the print spooler service after performing these steps and see if it works.

18. Reset Internet options

Internet settings can often interfere with proper operation of the printer spooler. Therefore, some changes need to be made to the Internet options.

To get started, type Internet Options in the Cortana search bar and press Enter.

When the Internet Options dialog box appears, select the Advanced tab and then Reset.

alt=Reset Internet settings to resolve print spooler saves shutdown in Windows 10 data-ezsrc= />Reset Internet settings.

Ideally, this method should solve the pressure washer problem.

19. Full control over the spool holder

Sometimes the security rights for the queue folder block the proper operation of the print spooler. You can take possession of this folder and see if the spoolmap works or not.

Take the next road.


Right-click on the spool folder and select Properties from the options list.

alt=Open Properties data-ezrc= />Open Properties

Now click on the Security tab and then on Edit.

Then click the Add button to add the entity.

alt=Click on Add Data ezsrc= />Click on Add.

Under the Enter Object Names to Select section, enter your user name and click the Check Names option. Once you have verified the user name, select OK.

alt=Click to check name data-ezsrc= />Click to check name.

Now select your username under Group or Username. Then under Permissions for, select Allow for all options.

alt=Tick all boxes and click OK to fix print spooler in Windows 10 data-ezsrc= />Tick all boxes and click OK.

Click Apply and OK to save your changes. See if the spoiler starts working after this method.

20. Change in value based on service

If your print pooler in Windows 10 is constantly shutting down, you can change the dependency value of the print pooler to solve the problem.

First, press Windows + R and type regedit in the address bar. Click OK to execute the command.

If the registry editor is open, navigate to this location -.


Now click on DependOnServices in the right pane and double-click on it.

alt= data-ezsrc= />Double click on DependOnService

Change the data value to RPCSS and click OK to save the changes.

alt=Change the service dependency to fix the error that the print spooler stops in Windows 10 data-ezsrc= />Change the service dependency

Now restart your Windows 10 computer and check if there is a problem with the spooler.

21. Replace the spool holder with another spool holder.

This is one of the best workarounds when the pressure washer services are not working properly. All you need to do is copy the spool folder from another Windows 10 PC and paste it on your PC. However, please note that the PC version must be the same on both computers used in the process.

First copy the spoolmap from another PC and paste it on your computer. You also need to export the registry key from another PC and import it into your PC.

You must copy the registration key to the specified path.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMC Current Control SetControlPrint

After importing the registration key, the reel printer should ideally work.

22. Owner of the file Spoolslv.exe

If the print spooler service is not working properly, you can change the owner of the spool file and see if that fixes the problem.

To get started, take the following route.


Now locate the spoolsv.exe file, right click on it and select Properties.

alt=Open Properties data-ezrc= />Open Properties

In the Properties window, select the Security tab and highlight the account under Group or User Names. Click on the Advanced button.

alt=Click Advanced data-ezsrc= />Click Advanced

Then choose Edit in the next window.

alt=Select change data-ezsrc= />Select change

In the Select User or Group window, click the Advanced tab.

alt=Click on the Advanced tab data-ezsrc= />Click on the Advanced tab.

Then click the Search Now tab, select Administrators from the search results, and click OK.

alt=Click on Administrators and select OK data-ezsrc= />Click on Administrators and select OK.

Select OK in the next window.

alt=Select OK data-ezsrc= />Select OK

Then click Apply and select OK.

alt=Select Apply and OK data-ezsrc= />Select Apply and OK

You now go back to the Properties window and select your user account. Then click on the Edit button.

alt=Select a user account and click the Edit button to fix print spooler stops in Windows 10 data-ezsrc= />Select a user account and click the Edit button.

Now allow full control. Click Apply and OK.

alt=Long extended commands to resolve crashes of print spooler in Windows 10 data-ezsrc= />Long extended commands

Now restart the print spooler service in the Services tab. After this step, restart the computer and check that the Print Spooler service works as expected.

23. Replace printer

If none of these solutions help, replace the printer and fix the print spooler problem. You should also remove the old printer drivers and install the new ones if necessary.


If the printer fails at any point, it is possible that the print spooler is blocked at some point. For uninterrupted operation of the printer, it is necessary that the printer spooler service functions properly. No printer means you can’t convert your electronic copy to paper.

If you encounter cases where the pressure washer often stops, you can try the above solutions in chronological order. If the problem with the spooler persists even after all solutions have been tried, contact the printer manufacturer or a reputable computer technician.

frequently asked questions

Why does the Windows 10 print spooler keep stopping?

Sometimes the print spooler service stops because there are too many print spooler files waiting for their turn, or the files are damaged. By removing files from the print spooler, you can delete pending print jobs, delete too many files, or recover damaged files.

How do I fix the print spooler in Windows 10?


How do I solve a problem with the pressure washer?

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