Recently, the WSAStartup error has been seen in many Windows 10 users. If you get this error on your computer, it start with WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR. This problem occurs due to some major problems going on with the Windows 10. To get rid of this error, you can follow this simple and easy steps:

This morning I noticed that Windows 10 crashed when I was browsing the web. It would not go back to the desktop after I closed a browser window. At first I thought it must have crashed because of a virus, so I ran a scan with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and then ran a full system scan. That didn’t fix the problem. Then I tried to start the Windows in Safe Mode. That didn’t fix the problem. Then I tried to start the computer in Safe Mode with Networking and it still would not start. Then I use the Windows Task Manager to run a task called Windows Memory Diagnostic and then run a full scan in that. That didn’t fix the problem.

When you see the error message “WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR” on the screen, what do you do? Do you throw the computer and run away in fear, or do you take a deep breath and stay calm. Here are a few things you can do to fix this problem.

The WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR problem may occur on your Windows 10 PC when there is a hardware problem. This is a stop code error that appears on the blue screen and protects your computer from further damage. In most cases, the computer will reboot and you may never see the WHEA (Windows Hardware Error Architecture) error again. Sometimes, however, the PC gets stuck on the same blue screen, or the error message appears out of nowhere. The WHEA UNCORRECT ERROR occurs due to hardware errors and overclocking, device driver problems, RAM and persistent memory.

13 Solutions to correct WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR

The nature of this error is not the same for all Windows users. If you can register, you can easily make the following decisions. However, if your access to the computer is limited, you can try switching to Safe Mode. You can also use the installation media to connect. Once you are able to connect using any of the above methods, you can proceed with the solutions listed below to resolve the WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR issue.

1. Upgrading the Windows Computer

A WHEA error may occur if you miss important updates. Windows Update can help you resolve WHER_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR on your computer. Press Windows + I to open the Settings application and go to Update & Security. In the left pane, go to Windows Update and click Check for updates. alt=Check for updates for Windows 10 PC data-ezsrc= />Check for updates for Windows 10 PC You can download and install the latest update from Microsoft. After the upgrade, check if you could get rid of the BSOD WHEA error.

2. Disable overclocking from BIOS

If you have recently overclocked your PC and the error WHEA stop code occurs, you need to disable overclocking in the BIOS. To access the BIOS settings, open the Settings application and tap Update & Security. Navigate to Restore in the left frame and click Restart Now in the advanced startup option. alt=Restart Click Now data-ezsrc= />Restart Click Now Now go to Troubleshooting ➜ Advanced Settings ➜ UEFI Firmware Settings. Press Restart to go to the BIOS. You can also check the manufacturer’s website for other BIOS connection options. When you open the BIOS, go to the Advanced tab of the BIOS menu and then to the Performance option. Find the Overclocking option and disable it. Save the changes and exit the BIOS. You can now check whether the error messages in the shutdown indicator were subsequently resolved or not.

3. Run the chkdsk command

You can check your hard drive for bad sectors using the chkdsk command. A hard disk error is also one of the reasons why WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR appears on the blue screen. Follow the detailed steps below to use the chkdsk utility. Step one: For the Command Prompt application, type cmd in the Start menu search bar and click Run as Administrator. alt=Open Command Prompt as Administrator data-ezsrc= />Open Command Prompt as Administrator Step two: In the terminal window, type the following command and press Enter to run it. chkdsk C: /f /x /r alt=Run chkdsk data-ezsrc= />Run chkdsk If your system’s drive letter is not C, you can replace C with the drive letter in the above command. Now run the command and do not close the terminal window between executions. If you are not familiar with the command line terminal, you can type chkdsk in the start menu and launch the GUI utility by clicking on it.

4. Performing Windows memory diagnostics

You can use the Windows Memory Diagnostic Program to determine if there is a problem with RAM or memory. Type Windows Memory Diagnostic into the Start menu and open it from the search results. alt=Open Windows Memory Diagnostic data-ezsrc= />Open Windows Memory Diagnostic When the Windows Memory Diagnostics window opens, click Restart now and Check for problems (recommended). alt=Carry out Memory Diagnostics data-ezsrc= />Carry out Memory Diagnostics This restarts the computer and reports the problem to RAM. If any problems are found with the RAM, the RAM can be replaced with a new one. In this case, replacing the RAM memory is the only way to resolve the WHEA UNCORRECTABLE ERROR message in Windows 10.

5. Checking for problems with the driver

If the device driver is outdated or not working properly, you should update it to eliminate stop code errors on your computer. Updating drivers can help you solve many problems on your Windows computer. Press Windows key + X and click on Device Manager to open it. In the Device Manager window, expand each partition in turn and check for a sign or error icon next to the driver. If you find a driver for such a device, right-click on it to manually update the driver. You can also use third-party programs, such as Driver Booster, to manage your computer’s drivers. After updating all the drivers involved, restart the computer and check whether or not the WHEA error code on the blue screen has disappeared.

6. Removing and installing RAM

You can remove the memory from the computer’s motherboard and reinstall it in the same place. This solution has helped many users with the problem WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR in Windows 10. This repair requires access to the motherboard and therefore disassembly of the computer. We recommend that you contact a professional if you have done this before, as it can damage your computer beyond repair. Remove the RAM from the slot, clean the slot, and reinstall the RAM. Make sure you unplug the AC adapter and turn off the computer before disassembling it. After reinstalling the RAM, restart the computer and check if the problem is solved or not.

7. Uninstalling the latest Windows updates

This solution may contradict the previous solution, but if you have recently updated Windows and are now experiencing problems, you should remove the latest update. The update may have some issues, or your hardware may not be compatible with the new update, causing a WHEA error. Step one: Go to Settings ➜ Update and Security ➜ Windows Update and click View Update History. alt=View update history data-ezsrc= />View update history Step two: In the next window, click Remove Updates. alt=Delete Updates click data-ezsrc= />Delete Updates click Step three: Now right click on the current update and click on Uninstall to remove it from your computer. alt=Uninstall Update data-ezsrc= />Uninstall Update If you are not sure if it is the latest update, you can check the Installed for column. After removing the update, restart the computer and check whether the BSOD WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR has disappeared or not.

8. Correct Master Boot Record (MBR)

You need to fix the master boot record in Windows 10 to get rid of the WHEA error. We recommend that you use the installation media to run the commands that can help you repair the MBR. Insert the original Windows installation DVD or media into your computer and click Restore Computer. Now go to Troubleshooting ➜ Advanced Settings ➜ Command Prompt and run the following commands in order. Bootrec.exe/fixmbrBootrec.exe/fixbootBootrec.exe/rebuildbcd After you have run all the commands, close the command prompt terminal and restart your computer after removing the installation media. If the WHEA problem is related to the MBR, this solution will probably solve the problem.

9. Correction of boot configuration data error (BCD)

To fix the WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR disable code in Windows 10, you can try to fix the BCD with commands. Open a command prompt terminal with the installation media as described in the solution above. In the terminal window, run the following commands in order. diskpartren BCD.oldbcdboot C:Windows /1 en-us /s G: /f ALLexit Close the command prompt window and restart the computer normally. After restarting the computer, check whether the blue screen error is fixed or not.

10. System recovery

You can restore your computer to the point where everything was working properly. System Restore can help you restore your computer without losing your personal data. You will only lose applications and programs that were installed after the restore point was created. So, if you see a WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR issue on your screen because of an application or a change, System Restore will help you to resolve this issue quickly.

11. Turbocharger disconnect

If you have recently enabled Turbo Boost in your BIOS, we recommend disabling it to fix the stop code error. This feature may vary by motherboard manufacturer. You can consult the manual or search online to find out how to disable Turbo Boost in the BIOS. If other changes have been made to the BIOS recently, you will need to bring those back as well to fix the WHEA error on your computer. Unwanted changes in the BIOS can cause many problems when using the computer.

12. Disable optional audio drivers

You can disable additional audio drivers on your computer to solve the problem with WHEA UNCORRECTABLE ERROR in Windows 10. Open the Settings application and go to System. In the left pane of the System Preferences window, click Sound. Now click on the Sound Control Panel under Related Settings. alt=Open Sound Control Panel data-ezsrc= />Open Sound Control Panel Click on the Recording tab and right-click on the audio drivers that are not selected by default. Select Disable from the pop-up menu. alt=Disable additional registration drivers data-ezsrc= />Disable additional registration drivers You can repeat the same steps in the Playback tab to disable other drivers. Then restart the computer and check if the blue screen problem is solved or not.

13. Resetting the computer

The last way to solve WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR is to reset Windows 10. The reset re-installs the Windows operating system for you without the installation media. You can keep your personal files and data, but all third-party applications will be removed from your computer. If you need the applications on your device after the reset, make a backup copy before starting the reset process. To reset your computer, go to Settings ➜ Update and Security ➜ Restore and click the Start button under Restore this PC. alt=Restart this PC data-ezsrc= />Restart this PC Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the reset process.


Blue screen errors can be frightening, especially when they appear in the middle of unfinished work. WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR is one of the blue screen errors that can occur on your system due to faulty hardware. Sometimes this error can be fixed by a simple reboot, in other cases you may need to change your BIOS and driver settings. The above list of solutions can help you solve whea uncorrectable error in Windows 10. However, if the hardware part is damaged, you should go to a repair shop to have it repaired by experts. If the hardware is not damaged, you can quickly get rid of the Blue Screen of Death error with the above solutions.Although Windows 10 is a secure operating system , it can also be a real pain in the neck when things go wrong. If your PC crashes one too many times, you may start to wonder what’s going wrong.. Read more about whea uncorrectable error windows 10 hp and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix Windows 10 Whea uncorrectable error?

A WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR error code means that the Windows 10 system file is corrupted, and you need to replace it with an updated version. There is a new version of Windows 10, and if you have already installed it, it should be easy to find the latest version. HOWEVER, Windows 10 updates are not mandatory in order to fix WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR. If you have already installed the latest version of Windows 10, you can use the Windows Update to find the latest version of the files that contain your Windows 10 installation. Windows 10 is a huge improvement over Windows 8, but sometimes it’s not enough. Sometimes you need to dig deeper into the operating system and beyond. It’s a little overwhelming at first, but once you know what to look for, it’s not too hard. There are a lot of resources out there if you want to learn more about Windows 10 and it’s features, but it’s not always easy to know which one is the most accurate and trustworthy.

What causes Whea uncorrectable error Windows 10?

Few problems are as annoying as the WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR error that sometimes crops up in Windows 10. If you’ve ever seen this message in the System Information Tool, you may have thought it was a virus or malware. However, this error is probably just a result of a bad Windows 10 update. One of the most frustrating experiences in Windows 10 is when you get the WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR in Windows 10. Many a times we wonder what causes this error and how to fix it. Well, here are some of the common reasons that leads to this error:  Improper installation of drivers, corrupted drivers, an antivirus software running in the background, poor system performance, and other reasons.

How do I fix the Windows 10 repair code?

Windows 10 has a built-in repair tool that allows you to fix many problems when you are unable to boot your computer. This tool allows for easy recovery of files and folders, as well as resetting the system and Internet Explorer. When you have a problem after installing Windows 10, it is important to remember that you can use the built-in repair tool to fix it. Windows 10 is your friend when it comes to staying productive. Sadly, the operating system has its share of problems as well. If you are one of these users whose hard drive has died, you can have Windows restore your computer back to the factory settings. However, what if the problem is not the hard drive but the Windows 10 OS? It seems that, in most cases, the error code that appears when your computer restarts is a WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR.

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