To check your channel analysis and tracker statistics on Twitch, you need to learn step by step what you need to do to access your tracker statistics. You will find this information in the following paragraphs.

But that’s not all you can read. We will also explain in detail the most important parameters you need to take into account and how to interpret your statistics about the Twitch followers.

All this will help you to develop better growth strategies. Don’t miss this opportunity and become a real Twitch Influencer.

Find out how to access your Twitch subscription statistics step by step

Discover step by step how to access the statistics of your Twitch subscribers.

The first thing you need to know is why you need statistics on your Twitch subscribers. Your measurements will help you understand the behavior of your followers every time you make a video of your channel.

In this way, by identifying each measure, you can consolidate the things that you do well and that generate empathy among your followers, as well as correct the anomalies that have not led to a positive result on your channel. Don’t forget: The better you do it, the more likely your channel will grow and make money from your live shows.

Below we show you step by step what you need to do to get access to the Twitch subscription statistics, let’s get started:

Connection to Twitch

Access the Twitch application from your computer or mobile phone. You will then need to log in with your username and password. Once on the platform, navigate to the control panel on the left side of the screen.

Analysis of the access channel

Once you are logged in to the control panel, you need to go to the Data option. You will then need to click on Channel Analysis to open a new menu where you can access various tools that show audience traffic, channel engagement and revenue statistics.

Select a subscription option

In the channel analysis you will find a series of graphs with different reports about your activity over the past 30 days. In this case, focus on the subscriptions. Note that you need to configure this parameter to change the analysis interval.

Selection of analysis data

You now have to select the data on which you want to view the statistics for your participants. To do so, click on the right (or left) arrow next to the current date. It can be used to define the analysis period and to achieve consistency with the beginning and end of the statistics, which deviate from the default setting.

Go to General Annex

In this visual report you will find a summary of all your statistics. At the same time, you can also check the behaviour of your subscribers in the period you selected in the previous step. This will tell you whether the number of followers has increased, remained the same or decreased.

Analyse post-processing plan

By clicking on or hovering over the Subscribers section, you will get all the information about the subscribers of your channel.

Overview of major statistical variables

Study of the main statistical variables

The most important statistics that show the behaviour of your viewers are the following reports:

  • The average viewer can use this analysis to tell how many fans are on the show at any given time. Not to be confused with the average, this variable is the total divided by the minutes of video duration.
  • Live View, This tool is useful if you want to know the total number of people who have watched your live shows.
  • Follow is a very important variable that you should always analyze because it measures the progress of users who have followed your channel during the predefined analysis time.
  • Subscriptions, as in the Follower variable, this metric measures the number of people who have subscribed to your channel.
  • View the minutes, you can use this option if you want to know how long the show has been watched in total.
  • Elapsed time is useful to compare this variable with the measurement of viewed minutes, as the latter measures the total watched transmission time, while the Elapsed time factor indicates the total number of minutes transmitted. This way you can make an important correlation for the performance analysis. In other words, you must divide the displayed minutes by the elapsed time, so you must try to increase the displayed minutes variable to be more efficient.
  • Peak Viewers, This feature allows you to determine the maximum number of listeners you have reached in all your live broadcasts. You need to make sure you also see the Unique Viewers measurement to see if it indicates the maximum number of accounts. If someone has seen your video four times, the Maximum Viewers function will give you a ratio of 4 followers, and the Unique viewer variable will reduce this number to 1.
  • Viewer Placement / Raid, This measure measures the percentage of viewers generated by users of the live broadcast of another channel.
  • Unique Chat Attendees, If you want to know how many users have chatted live, you need to view this measure.
  • Chat messages, you can find out how many chat messages have been sent during transmission by using this statistics function.
  • Clips are made. Clips are short 30-second videos that can be recorded by any user from your content while watching me. This helps you to understand the interest of your listeners in your live programs.
  • View Clips, This metric measure measures the number of clip views made from your live broadcasts.
  • Notification Interaction, Each time users receive a notification about your live broadcast and respond to it, this is reflected in this statistical variable that you can analyze according to the selected time interval.

Learn how to interpret Twitch follower statistics to develop better growth strategies

Learn how to interpret Twitch follower statistics to develop better growth strategies.

Although we’ve already shown you some statistical variables, it’s important that you know the most important variables in detail to improve your growth strategy within the Twitch platform.

Take a look at this:

Number of minutes consulted

Once you’ve seen the minutes, you can check if your downtime is okay. That is, if you entertain people who enter and stay in your channel to communicate. If the minutes observed are very short, you can present game strategies or talk about current topics.

You have to remember that the secret of all this is the empathy you have for your audience. What’s more, the quality of the image, the sound and even the fact that you hear a few things is a good idea to put into practice. Don’t forget either that you need to arouse interest in the content you are broadcasting live and that you need to involve a number of viewers.

Time spent

Longer transmission time helps to build trust with your audience. But at this stage you have to be careful, because the quantity is not equal to the quality and you can get boring your spectators.

To avoid this error, you can look at other banners that are connected and know that they are live in the air. The overall average, which is good, is more than 6 and 7 hours. If you do not yet have a large programme to meet, you can choose a dissemination strategy when the majority of your audience is active. This will help you to attract attention and be recognized, making your channels very effective.


The high yields are an incentive to further improve the Twitch chain and lift it to a higher level. So, if you receive a lot of donations, it means that your content resonates well with your audience. The best thing you can do in this case is to continue on the same path and broaden the topics that interest you, which will lead to sustainable interactions.

Average number of viewers

The average viewer

The average viewer only watches your show once. Twitch To calculate it, check the viewers at every moment of your live show. While this may seem unlikely, it’s a very interesting statistic that can help you enormously in creating new strategies based on the average time it takes your subscribers to create new direct strategies.

Creating Clips

In the previous paragraphs, we already mentioned what clips are, so we will now analyze their meaning. These features are increasingly relevant to Twitch because they are short films of your live performances that generate positive feedback from the audience and make the platform’s algorithm work better.

That’s why it’s important to bring a few clips of the live show with you, because they’ll help you promote your channel faster. With these statistics you can see if you are on the right track. Many views on the clips have It’s great because they allow you to appear on other social networks and promote yourself for free. For this you can consider the Clip metric overviews.

Advertising interruptions

Advertising breaks are the number of times the power is interrupted to run advertisements. It can be a bit disturbing for the audience of your live show, so you can reduce it if you see in the measurements that it looks a lot. This alternative is an excellent strategy that will allow you to grow, as many streamers have ads today and if you choose the best for your audience, you will be able to stand out.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments. We will contact you as soon as possible and it will also be a great help to other members of the community. Thank you so much!

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