Nine out of ten people in the world use torrent sites to download files. P2P is not only known for platforms like Netflix, but also because it is the technology that allows people to download these types of files.

VeoTorrents is one of the best commented sites in terms of quality and ease of use for downloads. But like all sites that offer illegal content, it is also affected by the authorities.

If you need an alternative to this website, here is the best news you could find.

What is VeoTorrent and what can we do on this page? is a pirate site that allows its audience to download any torrent file. Research in 2018 found that more than 47,649 people worldwide used the site.

You can also see that most of the traffic comes from Spain, making it the most visited torrent site. Although the site is currently inaccessible, we are sure that this is only temporary, as no notices of suspension have been published yet.

Various torrent files that can be downloaded from this site These include content from movies, documentaries, TV series and adult programs. But like all pirate sites, they violate copyrights, which is why they are highly sought after by the various organizations that protect them.

The War on P2P Why are these portals controlled and closed by authorities?

As mentioned above, these are pirate sites that threaten the private property of many people, not only to provide content, but also to profit from it.

To paraphrase the content of the Anti-Piracy Act and SINDE, “The biggest problem lies with sites that want to make a profit illegally with content that costs them nothing (financially).”

Much of the content on the Internet is protected by intellectual property AND that is why the US anti-piracy law and the Spanish SINDE law are aimed at eliminating this kind of problem. Deep down, they are indeed illegal because there are sites that use P2P to offer child pornography, inciting such pornography is a crime everywhere in the world.

Every time we access the download of a torrent file, our network is directly used to download another file and we give permission for this by allowing the download. On the other hand, under Article 270 of the Spanish Penal Code, amended in 2015, greater legal weight is given to websites that offer links to download files protected by intellectual property for a fee.

However, this does not mean that someone who does not profit from it is not punished, since copyright infringement must be abolished for that act. Clearly, the law does not carry more weight because it does not meet the requirements of Article 270.

Is it likely that VeoTorrent will be shut down in the near future?

Offering copyrighted content when it can be shut down. It should be noted that the cost to the site operator is not very high, but it is still a completely illegal site. As users, we are not directly affected by these laws – which is why governments and law enforcement agencies are working so hard to break the chain. It is a total threat to the economic cycle.

The authorities that shut down sites, as I seeTorrentz, are based on the fact that in order to offer protected content, they must adhere to a protocol in which the intellectual creator of the content, by some sort of agreement, gives tacit permission for further publication.

List of the best alternative VeoTorrent sites for downloading torrents

VeoTorrent This is not the only site that allows us to download torrent files, there are a large number of sites that offer us the same benefit.

Here are the five most popular websites for downloading torrents:


ExtraTorrents This is one of the best torrent download sites that allows us to download these types of files. It has a fairly simple architecture and is a bit catchy, but not very modern.

To use it, go to the website and download the extension. As the screenshot shows, if we don’t install the extension, the website will be blocked with a warning until we make sure the application is installed in our browser.

*Note: He currently has a new domain because the previous one was closed.



Demonoid is a fairly well-known site, but not for its layout. It presents a large list of torrent files, specializing in those of movies and documentaries. If we want to download files from this site, we must first register, although they are currently suspended. The only way to access this page without having a profile is to invite an active user.

There is adult advertising on the site, but it is not intrusive. Nevertheless, we, as adults, should prevent minors from accessing this site. Another feature is that it allows us to download a VPN with 70% off, which is very useful if we want to download files anonymously.



Nyaa is a very interesting site, not only because it offers torrent content, but also because it is very strict about the content it publishes. It has an excellent technical support team that is alert to every situation and constantly monitors accounts.

As with the previous platform, we must register to download or upload files. This is a non-profit website, but still threatened with closure.

In the rules of the site, we find several reasons to close our account, including the publication of child pornography, which we think is very good from a personal point of view, is totally prohibited.

tamil rockers

In the Tamil Rockers, you can find all kinds of audiovisual content. On your billboard we can always find the latest content of movies, TV series and documentaries, everything we are looking for to have a good time at home.

If we speak English very well, this site would be ideal because the categories that provide the most content are in that language.

The content is of excellent quality. Obviously, at first glance, it is not a pretentious page, but we should not judge a book by its cover.


The highlight of this list of alternatives to VeoTorrents is that we are leaving the great EZTV. Like all the others we have talked about, it allows us to download any type of torrent file with excellent quality.

If the content we are looking for cannot be found with the naked eye, we can use the file browser, by just typing in the name of what we want to download. This is a complete and unique page that is just a click away.

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments. We will get back to you as soon as possible, and that will certainly be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you very much.

Mario Jose

Author: Mario José

I studied journalism and specialize in investigative journalism. I look for the truth in all things. Today, it is 100% focused on technology, computers and the Internet.

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