Live video is one of the most widely used means of communicating with audiences today. One of the main advantages of this type of material is that it comes across much more natural, spontaneous and interactive.

One of the most widely used platforms in the world for this is Facebook Live. The reason is that it has many features in your favor. The function of external characteristic links is one of the most valuable in the field of marketing.

With them, the user is led in a different direction to make a purchase or enter into a contract. Here we’ll show you how to create external links from your Facebook Live? broadcast.

As the name implies, external links are URLs that are constantly displayed during a live broadcast to attract users to a specific website. This resource is used to direct the public to important information.

For example, if your life is about launching a brand or service, you can place a prominent link that takes users online where they can rent or buy. Once the broadcast starts, you can also determine exactly when the link will be shown to the viewers. Note that this item must be configured before starting Live and cannot be changed after the stream has started.

As we have already explained, using external links on FB live is a great idea to increase sales of a product or service. But this is already the main advantage. This provides a number of other benefits.

Then we’ll share the list:

  • Increase your brand visibility because it encourages people who want to know more about your brand to click on the link and visit the buy or rent page.
  • Improve the user experience: No one likes to feel like they are aggressively selling a product or service. To avoid this, it’s a good idea to host a live broadcast on a topic related to your brand and include a prominent link at the end of the broadcast for those who want to learn more.
  • This allows you to reach your target audience: Because it forces those who are really interested to go to the link.
  • Increase engagement: You create an image of trust and transparency for users to engage with your brand.
  • Redirect traffic to your website: When you link as a topic, you’re redirecting traffic from Facebook Live to your website.
  • Identifying consumer interests : A good way to find out how many people are interested in your launch is to link to Facebook Live. Indeed, you can use it to track the traffic or actions that people have performed on this link.
  • Increase your conversion rate: Creating a bond with the service or product you offer is a guarantee of trust and intimacy. These two aspects are fundamental to encouraging the public to buy.

It is advisable to attract the users’ attention or to redirect them to information that is interesting or of added value. If you z. B. To publicize a new product launch, it is ideal to have a website where people can shop as a prominent link.

To add external links to transfers, follow the step-by-step instructions:

  • Go to the Features tab of Live Producer.
  • Write a description and a link to the page.
  • Press the Hold button.
  • The river begins.
  • On the home screen, click the View option in the left column. This will make the link visible to the public.

Finally, remember to use this resource wisely. This means that you need to post a specific link that really matters to your target audience. This will increase the credibility of your brand.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments. We will respond as soon as possible and this will be a great help to other members of the community. Thank you.

Author : Patricia Jimenez

Graduate in social communications with extensive experience as a content writer and author, passionate about Apple products, macOS, iPhone….

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