Skype has been connecting people, families and friends around the world for over 17 years. This makes it one of the most popular telecommunication platforms for all internet users.

In recent years, and due to the growing demand for telecommuting, almost all communications platforms have offered their own version for businesses. Skype was not far behind, offering international connections, conferencing and sharing, and meetings. Offers a public version of Skype for Business or Skype for Business.

Today we’ll tell you everything you need to know about Skype for Business, what its features and functionality are, and why you should use it in your business.

What is Skype for Business and why should I use it?

Skype for Business is an instant messaging service from Microsoft that offers a variety of communication options, from video conferencing and telephony to application sharing and file transfer. It works with Office and macOS office applications. Like it was available for mobile devices like Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

The key to any successful business is effective communication, both internally and externally….. The Skype for Business platform has made it easy for us as we can adapt all our business requirements to this platform.

What are the key features and functions of the business version of Skype?

Skype for Business is integrated with Microsoft Office 365, which is necessary to make the functionality of this application workstation-specific.

Among the many features of Skype for Business:

  • Online Meetings : This enables high quality video and audio conferencing in which everyone can participate. These have many tools that allow you to take notes, share screens, record meetings and much more, making it easy to communicate within your company.
  • Supports virtually all types of devices: You can hold meetings from any internet-enabled device, as the software is available for Android, iOS and Windows.
  • Use of shared whiteboards : You will be able to take important notes directly in PowerPoint.
  • Question and answer sessions : With an integrated Office-licensed system, you’ll record in the cloud and maximize the productivity of every meeting.
  • User status : Each member of the Working Group may declare whether he or she is present, available, unavailable, offline or has requested not to be disturbed.
  • Instant messaging : Receive messages in real time, making conversations with your team more fluid and less formal than email.
  • Calling: With Skype for Business you can find, assign and buy phone numbers for everyone in your workgroup so they can receive and make calls, both internally and externally.

Benefits of Skype for Business Why should I use it in my business?

Although we have already mentioned the features of this platform, the question still arises: Well, but, why would I use it in my business? Communication inside and outside a company determines more than 50% of its success. That’s why Skype for Business is designed to break down existing barriers and make it easier for people to communicate with each other.

Here we show you the benefits of this method and how it will improve communication in your group:

  • Accessible from anywhere: As we mentioned earlier, it supports any type of device with an internet connection, which is a big advantage these days and in this world where we need to be everywhere at once. Skype for Business goes everywhere with you, reducing technology costs and helping everyone work remotely.
  • Integration with Office : Skype’s business and office application features are the perfect equation for improving both communication and productivity by putting the applications we use every day at our fingertips: Excel, PowerPoint, Word and Outlook.
  • Video review for video calls : Before you start a video conference, Skype always shows you what you look like to make sure you’re camera-ready. It shows you what you look like, the lighting and your surroundings before you start living.
  • Call Guard : You can always follow the person who is speaking because their name is displayed above their picture, making it easier to work on projects and find tasks.
  • The meetings are personal: Skype allows you to choose the type of meeting you want to hold – from informal, highly interactive collaborative meetings to fully formal conferences with a large number of participants.
  • Conferences with a large number of users : Unlike traditional Skype, which only supports 50 people, Skype for Business lets you expand communication with your employees by sharing a screen and calling up to 250 people at once.
  • Share contents : Content can be easily shared during a meeting or conversation. When you facilitate the conversation, you can control how other participants can view the content you share and give another team member control of the presentation at any time.
  • Provides all basic call functions: Basic functions such as answering, forwarding, transferring and putting on hold are covered, all with one click and on every device.
  • Supports the Group’s commitments: With Skype, you can keep your entire workgroup updated before, during and after meetings; send invitations, share agendas and show content to participants.
  • Safe and convenient: Skype for Business offers end-to-end encryption for all calls and provides a number of technologies and services to help users feel secure when using the platform.

Microsoft teams replace Skype for Business What’s new?

In March 2020, Microsoft merged Skype for Business with Microsoft Teams, retaining all of the latter’s features, and began implementing a migration program from Office 365 to Microsoft 365. Skype for Business will disappear with it, but the Skype for Individuals application will still be available until December 31. July 2021 remains active. However, support for the Skype for Business server has been extended until the 14th. October 2025.

How much do Microsoft teams cost? Publication of basic rates and prices

They offer 3 variations of packages:

  • Office 365 Business Essentials : This is the basic plan, which costs 4.40 euros per month. Includes Team, SharePoint, Exchange and OneDriveAlso web and mobile versions of Office, Calendar, Mail, File Sharing, Storage and Support. It includes the basic tools and services of Skype and will be available on PC, Mac or mobile devices.
  • Office 365: It includes all services included in the base plan as well as the Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint and Access applications. The costs are € 8.80 per month.
  • Office 365 Business Premium : Of all the plans, this is the most complete, as it includes all services and applications. They also provide maximum security for your business by protecting email from software hacks, spam, and threats, and by allowing you to control who has access to company information and when. They offer online technical support 24 hours a day. It costs 10.50 euros.

List of the best Skype for Business teamwork alternatives you need to know about

Join us to discover which of the rich alternatives to Skype for Business is most effective for your business communications:

We’re talking about

It is a social network of Chinese origin, developed by Tencent, which now has over a billion users. It is a communication platform that offers many features such as instant messaging with text and voice messages, live streaming. Video calls with up to 9 participants, phone and file transfers.

It also offers geolocation services that let you know which people using the app are in your area. There is a separate version for businesses, called Enterprise WeChat, which has similar features to Slack.

Google Duo

This is an app made by Google, which is free to use and works with both iOS and Android devices. Enables calls and video calls between two people and video conferencing for up to 8 participants. It has a function called knocking. A button that allows the person answering the call to see the live video of the person making the call. To find out who it is. This application works by adding your phone number.


It is an application launched in 2011 by and for Apple. It is only available for IPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac devices. Enables voice and video calls with up to 32 people simultaneously. It has end-to-end encryption. The downside is that you can’t share files with it and it’s only available for Apple devices.

This is a free app that is available for both Android and iOS, and there is really no need to download any other apps. All benefits can be found on the website. It enables video conferencing for up to 4 participants, text and voice messaging and screen sharing. And in the paid version, you can even record a conversation. There are, as I said, the free version, the Pro version for € 9.99 / month and the Business version, which costs € 59.99 / month.

It is a telecommunications service for large and small businesses. It is an integrated phone that focuses on enterprise level communication. It includes a virtual telephone exchange for service management, IP telephony, automated messaging and video conferencing. Audio conferencing, cloud storage and instant chat for businesses.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments. We will reply to you as soon as possible and this will also be a great help to other members of the community. Thank you.

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