Since it has been possible to record video calls on Skype, it has been a success. This is because we often want to capture a participant’s reaction or simply have an audio-visual recording of the meeting via the specified platform.

A video call recording feature is therefore very useful. And you don’t have to be an expert to learn how to do it right. If you want to get started, we’ll explain how to record my Skype video calls from any device in this article.

Moreover, the platform offers a number of actions you can take during these video calls. This will make your conference more dynamic, interactive and interesting.

Step-by-step guide to recording Skype video calls from any device.

If you want to capture the interesting moments during a video call, you will definitely appreciate the ability to record everything that happens. The process is essentially the same no matter what device you use, so it won’t be difficult to start recording.

Let’s take a look below:

Make a Skype video call

  • Start a conversation with another subscriber.
  • Click on the Tools icon, with three horizontal dots.
  • Click the Start Recording button on the computer.
  • Also press the Start Recording button on your mobile phone.
  • A banner is displayed to inform the participants that you are starting the recording.
  • When the video call ends, this recording is stored in the chat for the next 30 days.

Make a Skype video call

  • In Chat with Desktop Applications, click More. Then select the option Save to Download Folder. If you prefer a different location, go to Save As.
  • In the mobile device chat, tap and hold the conversation item. Then click the Save button to start the download. The file is normally saved in the camera’s album.

Enable recording of a Skype video call

  • In the desktop chat, go to the advanced features. Select Send from the menu and choose the channel you want to share it in.
  • Record a conversation by long-pressing in a chat with your smartphone. Then go to Submit to share your entries. Last time, select the chat room where you want to share it.

We’ll show you step-by-step how to perform other actions in Skype when calling from adevice.

Once you’ve learned how to make video calls with Skype, you may want to take it a step further and explore other exciting possibilities. With this in mind, the platform enables a number of other actions, such as turning off the camera, inviting participants, using feedback and even sharing screens.

We’ll show you how:

Disconnecting the camera

  • Start the call as usual, i.e. find the contact you want to call and click on the video call icon.
  • To turn the camera off for a few seconds, click the same icon as for video calls.

On the other hand, you can disable the camera in the PC settings. To do this in Windows 10, you must:

  • Click Start, then click Control Panel.
  • Recording and sound equipment
  • Click on the Device Manager button.
  • Select the small arrow next to the imaging devices.
  • Double-click the webcam in the drop-down list. Then the Properties window of your camera.
  • There, click on Device, and then click the Disconnect button.
  • In the pop-up window, confirm with the Yes button.

Inviting members to

  • In the call list, select New call or Existing call group.
  • If it is a new call, you must select the subscribers. The free version allows up to 100 participants, including yourself.
  • Press the talk key. Don’t forget to select the icon with the video camera.

To add a caller to an existing call, do the following:

  • Add another subscriber to the current call.
  • To end a call, press the phone icon upside down to end the call.

Send comments

  • Click the smiley button next to the message you receive on Skype.
  • A selection of answers is available.
  • To choose between different answers, swipe left or right with your phone, or press the arrows if you’re doing it from your PC.
  • Click on the smiley and it will be sent automatically.

replace screen

  • Make sure you have the latest version of Skype installed on your PC.
  • Start the conversation.
  • Press the Share screen button. It is indicated by the symbol of two overlapping squares.
  • To end the exchange, click on this icon again and that’s it.

If you perform this operation from a macro, you must allow access to the screen recording function in the system preferences. To do this, go to System Preferences / Security & Privacy / Screen Recording and finally grant access to Skype.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments. We will reply to you as soon as possible and this will also be a great help to other members of the community. Thank you.

Author : Patricia Jimenez

Graduate in social communications with extensive experience as a content writer and author, passionate about Apple products, macOS, iPhone….

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frequently asked questions

How do I record Skype video calls?


How do I record a Skype video call without the other person knowing?

The key combination for this is Windows key + Alt + R. This will record a Skype call for you without anyone knowing. Step three: Press the same interface to stop recording when you’re done, or the same keys (Windows key + Alt + R) to stop.

Can a participant record a meeting on Skype?

Any participant in a meeting who is using Skype for Business (Windows) or the Skype for Business Web App can record the meeting. During a meeting, click on the ellipsis (three dots) at the bottom right corner of the meeting window and select Start Recording. … Skype will let you know when the file is ready to be viewed or shared.

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