WhatsApp Business has become an application specifically designed for the needs of businesses, facilitating communication with customers or suppliers.

All this will allow companies to organize messages and respond to them very quickly, thanks to all the tools it offers to automate their work. But don’t forget privacy and data protection.

This is an important aspect for everyone. Therefore, here we explain how you can make your account more secure and protect all your personal data in a quick and easy way.

What are the biggest privacy risks to your data on WhatsApp Business?

The use of messaging or social networking applications on computers or mobile devices today always entails a certain risk to your privacy.

Therefore, we have listed some of them below:

User authentication and registration process

The registration system of this messaging application is considered very dangerous. In fact, there are some very simple tricks a hacker can use to take control of your account and read and send messages on your behalf.

Embezzlement of accounts

This type of threat does not come directly from the application, but from the network, but can clearly compromise the security of user data. This problem is due to a flaw in the SS7 communication protocol, which can be used by attackers to extend the phone network that owns your number. That way, that person can get a verification code from the application, and from there they will have access to your account.

Removing Dialog Boxes

Note that deleting a conversation or message from groups does not mean it is permanently deleted, but the process is not as smooth as everyone thinks. This process marks messages as free, so they can be overwritten later. So this is a positive procedure because of resource consumption, but it does not guarantee the safe removal of message strings.

Disclosure of confidential information

When you connect to WhatsApp, the application exchanges information about the user, such as. B. your phone number, the version of WhatsApp or the operating system used, along with the servers. This type of information can be revealed if you use a public or questionable WiFi network.

Account theft by SMS

There are many ways to get your account, if your smartphone is stolen, this becomes even worse. If someone grabs your device, they can use another mobile device and connect to WhatsApp, making the app think you’ve changed orders.

It doesn’t matter if your smartphone is locked, because the code is sent via SMS and is visible on the home screen, unless you’ve removed the SMS preview on the home screen, so an attacker can launch the app with your name from their device. The same can happen when it comes to a phone call.

Be careful with unofficial applications

WhatsApp does not allow unofficial versions or syncing with unofficial apps or apps that it does allow, as this could lead to users leaking sensitive information. For this reason, such actions may be punished with a permanent blocking of the account.

Find out how WhatsApp Business protects your data and how secure this application is.

Data protection is a particularly high priority for all users, especially when processing business data such as purchases and sales.

Therefore, below we will show you some ways to protect your data in WhatsApp Business:


The messaging app ensures that all messages sent to it are encrypted, as they are protected by the same encrypted signaling protocol that protects messages before they leave your smartphone. When you send a message on your WhatsApp account, it is securely delivered to the selected destination.

This provides end-to-end encryption for business WhatsApp accounts. Once you receive a message, you are subject to the Company’s applicable privacy policy for processing and responding to the message.

Application update

If you wish to take advantage of all the security and privacy measures that instant messaging offers, it is important that you keep the application up to date, as this is the only way to take advantage of all the tools it offers. A lack of updates can lead to increased vulnerability to third-party attacks.

Disable the display of messages

It is very important that you do not have these previews enabled on your device because anyone who picks up your smartphone can clone your WhatsApp account without unlocking it. So make sure you disable this feature to have more privacy and security at all times.

Tips to make your business WhatsApp account more secure and private in every way

There are several steps that users can take to try and make their instant messaging application account more secure and private in every way.

That is why we have listed a number of tips for you below that you can put into practice:

Protecting your account

The protection of this messaging application is very important as you are having conversations with your customers and suppliers, so important data is handled securely. If you communicate through the mail, someone else can impersonate you. One way to ensure maximum protection is to activate two-step verification by opening the message and clicking on the three dots in the top right corner of the screen.

There, select Settings, then Account, scroll down to Two-step Verification, and click Enable. When this feature is enabled, any attempt to verify your phone number must be accompanied by a six-digit code that you set with this feature, which will certainly provide you with more protection and security at all times.

Application lock

The other option is to lock the application. Secondly, you can’t open the app by just tapping the icon, you have to enter a PIN, pattern or fingerprint. This prevents someone who steals your phone from accessing your calls.

To add a lock code to your business WhatsApp app, go to Settings or Settings on your phone, then Security and Privacy, then Lock App, where you need to select the messaging app and then the lock method you want to set.

Privacy settings

When you go to the Company Privacy section, you have the ability to disable several options. To do this, click on the three dots at the top of the WhatsApp screen, then select Settings, click on Account, and once you are there, under Privacy.

Then you can specify some details, like B. Disable confirmations, disable who can see your last connection, decide who can see your status if you want to share your location in real time, among other details out there.

Delete notifications on lock screen

Finally, it is worth noting that the smartphones have a feature for displaying notifications on the lock screen, which is enabled by default. So you can know who sent you a text message or what notification came in without locking your hardware, but this kind of action can be very useful for attackers who have taken control of your computer and want a verification code to log into WhatsApp using your number from another phone.

So, one of the ways to prevent such threats and account theft is to remove these window notifications so that no one can steal your smartphone or access your personal accounts without your permission.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments. We will respond as soon as possible and this will be a great help to other members of the community. Thank you.

Author : Neli Zambrano

I have a lot of experience in the technology field, my specialties are graphic design, social media and digital marketing. Windows and Android are my specialty.

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