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Facebook Live is a feature that allows you to broadcast live video directly on Facebook without having to be in front of your camera. But it is not always a simple feature, you have to know how to use it to make it work for you.

There are many ways to get moderate comments on Facebook live. These methods include using a live streaming app (like Meerkat or Periscope), Facebook live chat, the Facebook live video feature, or just simply commenting on the live post.

Facebook Live remains one of the most popular options for users to connect with other people and brands. Therefore, it is important to know what you can do to limit or allow comments when you post online.

In case you didn’t know: You have several ways to filter your subscribers’ content by frequency, by whether they follow you, and by whether they follow you long enough on your fan page to leave comments on shows.

Know everything you need to know about setups so that the feedback they receive is valuable and you can properly manage interactions with fans.


The real benefits can be broken down into two basic components: strategic or social listening and attitudes that segment incoming feedback. Listening to your audience is one of the oldest marketing practices you can use to solicit people’s opinions about the product or service your brand offers. It’s a great way to measure how well your work is received by people who follow you in a digital environment.

Remember: Your brand is what people say about you, as Amazon founder Jeff Bezos says. That’s why it’s important to listen and respond to people in the comments. A curious fact: A study by Nielsen found that about 83% of users trust friends’ and family’s opinions about a product.

Facebook also allows you to set certain preferences in real time to filter the comments you receive during broadcasts. This is important if you want to get feedback from older subscribers or if you want to receive longer comments that contain valuable data for you.

What can you change? Specify comment frequency, conversation type, and you can set restrictions so that only people who follow you can comment. These settings apply to both computer and mobile phone users.


Once you’ve determined which type of comment processing you want to use, we invite you to read a step-by-step description on how to set up your feed to filter fan posts.

Let’s go:

Access to parameters

First of all, you should know that there are two identical ways to access the central parameters of comment management:

  • One way to access the comments setting is to go to the Settings menu and select Comments.

  • The second way to make changes is in the preview, in the Comments module.
  • Clicking on the three dots displays the comment settings.


Once you know how to access the settings, it’s time to understand what each of the options available to you are for. It’s important to note that you can select multiple options at once, which will help you better filter your comments. The settings can be changed at any time during the live broadcast.

You can even remove and hide the comments, you can also remove this module completely and get no display at all, but you already know that’s not very practical if you want to get closer to your audience:

  • Followers : This option allows you to post comments during broadcasts only to people who are following your fan page. You can change this setting at any time.
  • Slow: This is a valuable tool to avoid spam and encourage people to leave a comment every 10 seconds, which also helps avoid trolling, which is annoying when it invades your space.
  • Conversation: If we only want to see responses that are valuable, this option allows you to only leave responses that are longer than 100 characters, so that communication with the people watching your live broadcast is smooth.
  • Limited: There are those who try to break into salons and leave offers of their goods and services, and there are users who simply try to harm the salons. This option ensures that only people who have been following you for two weeks can leave comments.
  • Protected: only allows those who have been following you for more than 15 minutes to access your broadcasts. Believe it or not, but this is a practical option if you know shipments can be sabotaged.

Learn how to integrate Facebook bots into your Facebook Live video chats to better moderate them

With third-party applications, you can do a kind of email marketing, but with messages through the comment module. This is done when people follow you and when they write one or more keywords in their comments.

One of the first manychat tools to offer its services since 2017 to connect with your followers :

Connecting Manychat to Facebook Messenger

  • To get started, you should open a free account on Manychat, although the paid version offers more features.

  • You will see a bot that makes a direct connection between your account on this page and the messenger on your fan page.
  • Program the keywords your subscribers should write and the messages you want them to hear.

  • Scheduled messages and contact information may include links.
  • It is important that the video is transferred from your computer and with applications such as OBS Studio and eCamm.
  • Go to your brand’s fan page.
  • Choose Tools for Publishing.

  • Navigate to the Video option and type in Creator Studio, then Live Producer.
  • Start the live broadcast.
  • Go to Manychat and click on Facebook Comments.

  • Select the scheduled message and press Scheduled Release.
  • Specify the action that triggers the message that will reach your followers.

Live Dynamics

  • Back to the live video.
  • Ask questions that might prompt people to type in a keyword.
  • In the comments, you will see the robot do its job and answer for you.
  • Remember, the robot only responds to followers’ keywords.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments. We will answer you as soon as possible, and this will also be useful for other members of the community. Thank you.

Author : Mario Jose

I have a degree in journalism, specializing in investigative journalism, searching for the truth in everything. From now on he will focus 100% on the themes technology, IT and Internet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you moderate Facebook Live Comments?

Yes, we can moderate Facebook Live Comments.

How can I get more viewers on Facebook 2021?

You can use Facebook ads to target people who are interested in your niche.

How do I see all comments on Facebook Live?

To see all comments on Facebook Live, click the “Comments” tab at the top of the screen.

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