Currently, social media is one of the best alternatives to make money online because each of them implements its own way of making money.

As expected, Facebook It could not be left out of this list, after all it is a Facebook Live service for its users to make money by being a streamer.

So if you love the camera and you can make videos, then this social network can be a very good alternative for you. That’s why we’re going to show you how to make money as a streamer on Facebook.

How much money can you make with Facebook Live? Can you do this for a living?

There is no doubt that the most famous streamers can easily make a living from their social media salaries, and it has been shown that huge amounts of money flow through this world, and Facebook, like every other platform, is no exception. Today there is talk that this social network will pay certain stars and TV media the sum of 250,000 euros for 20 videos every 3 months, which means that each video is worth 12,500 euros.

However, it should be noted that not all Facebook streams they will make money this way, as it mainly depends on the number of followers, subscribers and views they have in the live videos. This means that streams must upload quality content that will allow them to attract enough viewers who are willing to give a star for their work.

So you can have an estimate of how much they can pay you, they say that the social network pays a value of 1 € for every 3000 views of your video, but note that this can be more or less because it depends on several factors that have a great impact, one of these factors is the context of the person. So if the viewers are Spanish-speaking or European, the person will receive about 10 times more income than if the viewers are Spanish-speaking.

This is because Spaniards have more purchasing power, so companies will pay more to compete in the marketplace and you will earn more revenue by clicking on the ad breaks in your video. In line with all this, it should be noted that if you manage to become a famous streamer, you will probably be able to live off your earnings, but keep in mind that it takes a lot of effort and work.

Learn step by step how to implement the best strategies to make money with Facebook Live

Remember that to be successful as a social media broadcaster like Facebook, it is important to apply the best strategies that will allow you to make enough money to have economic stability through it. Therefore, we present you the best ways to make money with your Facebook Live broadcasts.

To do this, follow the different methods we explain below:

with stars

Stars are the main features of Facebook Live, they are small points that each of your viewers let you live from what you do, it is like a gift that each of them can give you as a reward for your work and efforts. Remember, you only get it if the viewer wants to give it to you.

The best part is that all the stars you get can be exchanged for money. It is also worth noting that this is the main method FB Live uses to make money on the platform. So you have to wait until your followers start rewarding stars on the social network to redeem them for real money.

So we leave you with the amount you could have gotten based on the stars you got:


1 star € 0,01 100 stars € 1 1000 stars € 10 10000 stars € 1000 stars

So, if you want to get a very good number of stars, you should strive for them, for that you should provide very good quality content that will motivate your viewers to help you grow on the platform. Payment for these stars will begin 30 days after the month in which you received them. That is, if the 1st. January 1,000 stars received, these will be awarded on 01. February was billed and so on.

However, to withdraw money from the social network into one of your accounts, you must have at least € .100. to be eligible. Moreover, the platform covers most Latin American countries, so you can easily reload. Finally, it should be noted that not all FB Live users can reload stars, as this option is only possible by meeting certain conditions, including. B. Membership in the Level UP program must be activated.

To do this, you must perform the following steps:

  • If you are a FB Live Administrative Partner, you need to go to the Creator’s Studio, then Creative Tools, then the Active Panel.
  • If you are at a higher level, go to your streamer’s control panel.
  • You must then select the Set Stars option.
  • There you need to open the payment method.
  • You have now completed the activation of the stars on your account.

Affiliate Program

Another alternative that users can find is an affiliate program. As a result, the social network has decided to take Facebook Live monetization into its own hands, offering payments to content creators who reach 2,000 followers and at least 300 viewers in each of their live streams. All this as a reward.

It should be noted that the exact amount each person earns is not yet known with certainty. FB Live streamers, but the platform has arranged for paid ads from companies to be shown at each of the shows, so that 55% of the profits go to the streamers, while 45% remain for the company.

Thus, this new method has become a kind of advantage for influencers, celebrities, media companies and many others who do this for a living. Since this new alternative has become a benefit for everyone, it’s worth looking for the 2,000 followers on each of your shows, and that way you can start making money a little more.

Selling on Facebook Live

Selling on Facebook may not be the best choice for streamers who are just starting out on the platform, as they will obviously have a fairly small audience, but it can be suitable for anyone who already has a fairly large following. In this case, the ability to sell your own product is a very good way to make more money than you do with your equipment.

It involves selling products with your own design, which can be t-shirts, mugs, caps, pants and many other things you can think of that your customers might like. For that, it’s important to have your own brand that distinguishes you from others. Don’t forget that Facebook Live is a very good alternative for streamers, growing every day, offering a pretty solid social network and where you can connect with people from all over the world.


Another important thing to look for is corporate sponsorships, which you can get if you have already reached a large enough audience and your name is known on the platform. Note that if you gain enough popularity within the platform, some companies may want to set up a referral program.

So you can take full advantage of this to get a great and interesting offer that will allow you to make a lot more money while continuing to progress as a streamer. One way to do this is to make a video about the food and restaurants you are interested in. and I hired you to promote your cooking products on Facebook.

Individual tender programme

Finally, we learn what subscriptions are and what has become one of the new tools of the social network. In this case, ask the streamers for a monthly contribution to support them. But in return, content creators must give them different and special treatment.

This means you get exclusive content, special discounts on merchandise, better access to creators, and a badge next to their name that identifies them as co-creators. Subscriptions have become one of the best ways to make money as they offer you a steady stream of income. You will also be able to customize the benefits you offer to your employees and choose the prices that suit you best, they should be between 0.99 € and 99.99 €.

So these subscriptions can help you generate a lot of revenue, especially if your followers participate a lot :

  • Recurring revenue : When you subscribe monthly, you have a revenue stream that allows you to plan ahead. Note that the higher the number of subscribers, the more money is circulated on a monthly basis.
  • Creative flexibility: If a content creator has a large enough community, subscriptions can be a way to increase their revenue without having to change their style or adapt their content to reach a larger audience. Note that in this case the creators and the subscribers form one community.
  • More community spirit: As we have just said, all this creates a united community. So fans will be willing to support their favorite creators for a variety of reasons, either because they believe in what they do, want to get closer to them, or just want access to their exclusive content.

In this case, streamers have the ability to customize each of their experiences from the start. You’ll also get the chance to create new fan-specific content.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments. We will reply to you as soon as possible and this will also be a great help to other members of the community. Thank you.

Author : Neli Zambrano

I have a lot of experience in the technology field, my specialties are graphic design, social media and digital marketing. Windows and Android are my specialty.

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frequently asked questions

How do I get paid for Facebook live?

Once you’ve set up your ad blocks, you can start your first ad block as soon as your video has enough viewers and you’ve been live for at least 4 minutes. Each commercial break can last up to 15 seconds. Once your live broadcast is over, you will continue to make money because people will continue to watch your video after it goes live.

Will Facebook live video be removed in 2020?

Is the Facebook Live video playing? You do that when you set their expiration date.

How do I sell something through Facebook Live?

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