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Commander is a program that can be used within the Linux operating system. It is used to navigate through folders and execute commands on computer files. It is part of the GNU project as one of the core components of the GNU Project. The CD command in Linux shows information about the files on a CD and allows the user to execute the files from the CD. It is also possible to execute the files directly from the command line. To use the CD command, the user can simply type cd and then the directory that the user wants to navigate to, such as cd /etc.

A simple look at the Linux CD command in Linux, with its parameters and examples. CD stands for Change Directory and it is used to change the current directory of the Terminal. When you change to the Directory you want, you can execute the command or even navigate to another Directory. The Linux CD command is used to change the current directory of the Terminal. This Command is named as “CD” followed by the name of the directory. The name of the directory is case sensitive. In the below example, we will use the CD command and change the current directory of the Terminal to /var/www/html directory. Using the CD command, you can navigate to any directory in the system, and can do a lot more.

If you know what the CD command in the Linux terminal does, you can make the most of the terminal and use it well when you need to get information about a particular directory.

To do that, we recommend you read this article. You will find here all the information in detail about the CD command and the parameters that the console accepts with the Linux operating system.

But that’s not all you will see in this post, we will also explain step by step what you need to do to use the Linux commands correctly when you want to change thedirectory.

What is the CD command and what does it do on a Linux operating system?

Remember that the structure Linux works with is command + argument in an environment of directories and files. Therefore, there are many commands that can be used in the terminal. One is the CD, which is directly linked to the directory location.

The CD command is a utility used in the Linux operating system to determine the path to the directory and retrieve any additional information. It is also used to navigate to a previously visited folder or to the top folder you are in.

The syntax for navigating the folder structure is as follows: CD [OPCIÓN que desees ingresar] Nombre del fichero que quieres encontrar. If the argument is not added, the command returns the user’s home directory. In other words, if you type CD [OPCIÓN] and this command is accompanied by a middle dash (-), the command will open the above directory. This means that you can retrieve data from the parent folder, i.e. the folder where the file you are looking for is located.

What parameters are accepted by the CD command under Linux?

The parameters normally used in the CD command in the Linux terminal are the following:

  • /f: is used to change the block and file you are in at the time of the action.
  • unidad]: This parameter specifies the drive on which to execute the command. For example, it could be to: or F:. Note that this setting depends on the number of devices installed on your computer.
  • [ruta]: This parameter is used with the CD command to specify the path or directory from which to retrieve the information.
  • […] : 2 points are defined if specific information about a subdirectory directly under the current directory is required. This is also called a baby file.
  • /? Use this argument to get help on how the CD command works. It’s very useful because it always helps you. Therefore, we recommend that you always have it on hand to make quick progress.
  • – To navigate to the user’s home directory, use the middle hyphen. This will allow you to discover all the data published in this section.
  • ~: This symbol is used to jump to the Linux home page.
  • It is : This argument is added to list the contents of the file.

Learn step by step how to use the CD command in the Linux terminal

The actions you need to take to use the CD command in a Linux environment depend on the type of action you need to perform.

If you want to know the tree or path of the file, you must enter it:

internet@pasoapaso:~$ cd Android


To go to the previous directory, enter the following:

internet@pasoapaso:~/Android/examples$ cd …


If you want to access a directory you have already visited, you should do so:

internet@pasoapaso:~/Android/example$ cd

internet@pasoapaso:~$ cd –



If you want a list of the folder’s contents, you need to :

internet@pasoapaso:~$ cd Descargas/
internet@pasoapaso:~/Descargas$ ls

If you have forgotten the name of the directory to be examined, you must enter it in the Linux terminal:

internet@pasoapaso:~$ cd /etc/h

This will return all filenames starting with the letter H.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments. We will answer you as soon as possible, and this will also be useful for other members of the community. Thank you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the CD command in Linux?

The cd command is used in Linux for changing directory. That is, it allows you to browse through the directory structure of a Linux system. It is a command line function that does not have a graphical user interface. To issue the cd command, you must be in a terminal. If you are using the graphical interface of Ubuntu Linux, type “terminal” into the search box on the application launcher and press enter to launch the terminal. Alternatively, click the gears icon on the top right of the screen, click applications, and then click terminal. When you launch the terminal, it will open in your home directory, which, by default, may be set to /home/username. If you want to change into a directory called “test”, The cd command in Linux is quite similar to the DOS cd command in the Windows operating system. It has various uses, such as for changing directories or making a symbolic link. It may not be intuitive for people who are new to Linux, but the cd command can save a lot of time. Goals: Write an introductory paragraph for a blog post about an antique car show that is being held tomorrow

What is CD command in UNIX with examples?

The cd command is used to change directory in UNIX and unix like operating system. The cd command can be used to change directory from terminal or shell prompt. cd command can be used to change directory in many ways. The cd command is used to change the current directory. The cd command in UNIX may not have much use in day to day task, but it has a number of options and can be very useful in the right context

How do I use the CD command?

The cd command is one of the most basic commands you’ll need to learn as a Linux user. It lets you change directories, which is what your computer does to find files when you run a program. The only thing you need to use the cd command is your favorite Linux terminal. Once you’ve mastered the command, you can use it to make your file-searching experience more efficient and to solve common problems. The cd command is a basic command that is used for changing directories in the shell. To be specific, the cd command is a command used for changing the current working directory. The command is very commonly used in most operating systems. In a *nix environment, cd stands for change directory. In Windows, cd stands for change directory as well.

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