Skype is a platform that is mostly used in the workplace because its features are perfectly tailored to people’s communication needs. Therefore, written contact with another user is possible here, via conversations and video calls.

However, there are scenarios where you cannot add a person to your contacts. Therefore, you may have to search until you find the person you want.

First, read this article on How to view someone’s Skype profile from any device, with step-by-step instructions. So you can access it in different ways.

Search and find people on Skype step by step using their profile information

Want to get in touch with someone who isn’t on Skype? Don’t worry about it. This platform offers a search engine that allows you to find contacts in a very simple and fast way. For example, you can get the person’s name, email address, phone number, or location.

Let’s go:

With your user name

Find someone with your username This is especially useful if you don’t know if that user has created an account on the platform. If you want to know if he or she is on Skype first, just search by first and last name.

You must then proceed as follows:

  • Go to the top of Skype Y and click on the magnifying glass icon.
  • In People, Groups and Messages, enter the first and last name you want to search for.
  • Look through the list of results until you get the person you want. You can see several options. We therefore recommend that you check your profile picture or location to make sure it is suitable for you.
  • Select your friend and the chat window will open.
  • Write your message and click send. It will be added to your contacts list, but you can only send 10 messages and photos. To continue the conversation, wait until the other person has accepted your request.

With your mail

Another alternative you can use to search for someone on Skype is to search by email. The process is almost the same, but you have to enter your email address in the search engine.

So here’s what you need to do:

  • Go to the magnifying glass icon at the top of Skype.
  • Please enter your email address.
  • Choose your friend.
  • Send them a message and hope they add you to their network of contacts.

With your mobile phone number

Another option that you may not be aware of is that you can find the person on Skype by their phone number. Note that in these cases the person only appears if this information is available in their profile.

To do this, you must perform the following steps:

  • Navigate to the search icon, represented by a magnifying glass.
  • Write down the man’s phone number.
  • Select a user from the results.
  • Send a message and wait for it to be accepted before adding it to your contact list.

By location

Finally, you can find anyone on Skype by entering their location. This is one of the most recommended methods of making friends on the platform, as it does not require much work.

This solution is very practical because it is normal to have several people with the same name within the platform. To find the person you are looking for, enter a name followed by a location in the Skype search field. For example: enter Patricia Jimenez in Spain or enter Patricia Jimenez in Spain. This is a good way to filter your search and not get confused. Remember, your friends’ location must be in their profiles for this to work.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments. We will reply to you as soon as possible and this will also be a great help to other members of the community. Thank you.

Author : Patricia Jimenez

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