A few years ago, the vast majority of social networks implemented a streaming feature. Facebook did not want to be left behind and launched Facebook Live Map. If you’re wondering what it is, what it’s for, and why Facebook removed it, read on.

Live streaming has proven to be a fundamental tool for reaching large crowds in real time, as the reach is much greater than other publications.

Facebook is trying to emulate the success of its streaming platform Periscope. Although it was a good bet, the live card was not what they expected.

What is Facebook Live Map and what does the streaming platform do?

In 2016, Facebook officially launched its own streaming service, Facebook Live. The tool was then expanded to include an interactive Facebook Live map. What is the purpose of this feature of the streaming platform? The first thing to note is that Facebook Live is a streaming service that was originally only available in the iOS and Android versions of the app.

However, you can currently stream live from the website. This application allows users to share any event or fact in real time from their mobile device. People who watch the show can respond to the reactions and comments, giving the publication a position.

Shortly after the launch, Facebook also launched Live Map. A virtual representation of the world map showing where in the world transmission began. At that time, Facebook Live Map was only available for the web version. You can access the Live Map section in the Apps section of the sidebar by clicking on Live Videos. You also had the opportunity to click on the following link: Facebook.com/livemap.

The operation was intuitive. All you had to do was fly over one of the transfer points. A live preview window opens immediately on the screen. And if you left the cursor on the point for a few more seconds, the service would show ramifications indicating where the transmission was still visible. The Facebook Live map was available to everyone and served as entertainment for some users of the social network.

Facebook is removing the Facebook Live card Why did you disable this feature?

The interactive map is now remembered by the users who have been able to use it. Facebook removed Facebook Live Map during 2019, but why was this feature disabled? It is safe to say that there is no single cause, as many factors come into play. First, a Facebook spokeswoman said the decision to end Facebook Live Map was made so that all of the platform’s video pages would be in one place: Facebook Watch.

The spokesperson also noted that very few users use the interactive map. However, it refused to provide statistics on the use of this facility. While these motivations seem reasonable for the company, privacy and security issues will likely impact the company as well. On the one hand, Facebook Live Map has been accused of encouraging illegal behavior, as a large portion of users thought that this feature would allow them to be easily tracked down.

This situation alarmed the employees of the social network, who wanted to prevent their interactive map from creating negative situations. As for Facebook, the social network has had a bad time with live streaming. This is the case with the terrorist who slaughtered 51 people in two mosques in New Zealand and broadcast it on a streaming service.

Other violent incidents have also been observed on the platform. Given the unpredictable nature of live content, it was very difficult to convince advertisers. In short, the Facebook Live Map feature is gone for security and privacy reasons.

At the time, many users complained about the disappearance of Facebook Live Map. In contrast, many others were sympathetic to the company’s decision on streaming liability. Today, all of Facebook’s videos come together on Facebook Watch, which has significantly increased the number of videos users watch. Its operation is much more traditional, easily predictable and easier to control.

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Author : Patricia Jimenez

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