Pinterest is a social network known for the amount of photos and images we can see, we can also enjoy some videos uploaded on your platform. We usually watch videos and want them to be available at all times, even if we are not connected to the internet and don’t know how.

The only way to enjoy these videos is to download them, and to do that we need to use certain tools that allow us to do this kind of downloading.

Today we are going to talk about the platforms to use and how to use them so you can download all the videos. The best part is that we can not only download videos from Pinterest, but also from other social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

What are the main benefits of downloading videos from Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social network that allows us to share files, such as photos or videos on the platform, and now has a large number of users who live there daily.

Among the many things we can do with Pinterest is download videos. We can therefore benefit from several advantages:

  • Download good quality content
  • The ability to enjoy videos for as long as you want without having to log into the platform.
  • Share the video with our friends.
  • We can watch as many videos as we want.

Steps to download Pinterest videos to watch without an Internet connection

We give you a series of steps so you can easily put everything we explain into practice:


As we mentioned, Pinterest is a social network that allows us to download videos. However, it cannot be downloaded directly from its site like YouTube, which means that external software must be used to retrieve this content from the site. is one of the online platforms we can use to download videos from Pinterest. It has the ability to search the url of the video location in the platform to decompress it into mp4 files.

First, we need to go to the Pinterest video page. We are waiting for the site to load, it won’t take long, it has a simple and fast platform.

Already on the page, we go to Pinterest and find the video we want to download. We right click on the video screen and find the option to copy the video url, then we go to the download page.

On the page, we paste the URL of the video into the white box and click where the video should be downloaded. The search for videos will begin and the result will be downloaded from the link we will upload.

With in-line converter Catch.tub

Another way to download videos from Pinterest is to use the Catch.Tube platform. It is a site that allows us to download any content in mp4 format as much as we want, without having to download certain packages beforehand to be able to use the program.

This is an online utility, and is just as easy to use as the method we explained above. First we need to find the video on Pinterest (the one we want to download), and we go to the Catch Video page.

Then paste the link into the white box and click the Catch Video button next to it. It downloads the search result with the option to download the video in mp4 format.

If we click on the button that says download video/m4, we download the video and right click on it and look for the option that says save video as, although if you are using Google Chrome, you can press Ctrl+S at the same time for the download to happen automatically.

With these simple steps you can upload all the videos you want. The above platforms allow us to download videos not only from Pinterest, but also from any other social network.

List of the best tools for downloading videos from Pinterest

We then present you with a short list of tools you can use to download videos from Pinterest:

Pinterest downloader

This is a tool that we can download to our mobile device to get all our Pinterest videos in mp4 format. Although its purpose is not only to download videos, but also to download any file from, for example, Pinterest. B. Photos, donations or other.

It is in APK format and is currently only available for download from Pinterest, as it is not compatible with other social media platforms.

Uploader for Pinterest Android APK

Business Charger

Social Downloader is an application available on Google Play that allows you to download all content from most social networks. Pinterest is one of those social media sites on your list.

Pinterest loads much faster when you upload your videos to the Vimeo platform, making it easier to upload all your content and still achieve excellent image quality.

Image Downloader for Pinterest

This application available on Uptodown is free, just follow the download link to get it. This allows us to upload any videos from Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook or any other social network.

One of the advantages is that we don’t just have a boring application designed for one type of download, because we can also download gif images. And all this with minimal loading time, which makes it even more remarkable.

Image Downloader for Pinterest Android APK


As we saw earlier, this is a great online tool that allows us to download any kind of videoFrom any social network, we just need to get the download link by following the steps we left earlier.

It is very easy to use and the site is very clear about downloading videos. The best part is that we don’t have to subscribe and it’s a tool that allows us to download videos from another platform, it’s called a video converter.

Although, if we want this tool to be always present for quick access, just download the Google extension that offers it.

This is a website that allows us to download content. Allows us to download videos from any social network, just copy the link in the panel and download.

It allows us to download videos in mp4 format, with excellent image quality. Although, if we want, we can also extract the sound from the video.

Video Grabber is an online tool that allows you to download all videos from different social networks. With this online tool (or even by downloading some packages in advance to install them on your computer) you can download any content you want.

It provides us with several features within the site that can at least help us. To download online content, convert or activate screen recording.

Flash Video Charger

This is an extension that we can use to download files, just follow the instructions to do so. This is an extension to Google Chrome that allows us to download videos from any page. It can be said that out of 100% of the websites that contain content, 90% are compatible with this extension.

This extension is very popular with most people, although it is mostly used to upload videos to YouTube and Facebook. It’s a great option for Pinterest.

Flash and video recording

It is an extension of Firefox with a fairly simple interface that can be used to download videos from any social network. Pinterest uses Vimeo, so this extension is ideal to download in a pinch.

Most users who use Firefox as their default browser use this extension all the time, as it is the most popular and compatible video platform. Videos can be uploaded in any format, the most common being mp4.

Video Download Wizard

This is the second most popular option Firefox users look for when downloading videos on most social networks. With this extension we can download videos and get all the images and gifs we want.

Using it is very simple, download the extension and install it in our browser. Then find the url to start the download, and you will be able to enjoy the mp4 files on our computer whenever you want.

HD Downloader Extension

We can’t leave Opera out of the most common browsers, so here we leave a simple extension that allows us to download any mp4 file. As with other browsers, Opera requires us to download and install an add-on.

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments. We will get back to you as soon as possible and it will also be a great help to other members of the community. Thank you!

Author: Lucia Diaz

My profession is educator and my calling is to teach. I combine these two areas and translate them day by day on the IP @ P website with helpful guides and tips to make your life easier!

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