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Text messaging is one of the most used tools on Discord because of the nature of the platform. Therefore, it is important to handle these elements correctly to get the most out of your posts.

If you want to become a real expert, you should read all the way to the end, because we’re going to show you a list of the best tips you can use on the platform.

We will also tell you how to highlight a word or phrase in a very simple way. Make sure you’re making the most of your Discord community. Let’s get started.

Learn step-by-step how to put Discord messages in bold, italics, strikethrough or underlined.

To make chatting on Discord Y more fun, it’s important that you know some of the tricks Discord offers. This way, you can make the most of your channels and better showcase your ideas.

Take a look below to see what we have in store for you:


To add bold words to a message, you must go to the server and select the text channel in which you want to communicate. This can be done in the left column of the screen.

Once you are in the chat room in question, you must prepare the word or phrase you wish to highlight and add two asterisks (**). If you z. B. wants to write the Discord in bold in the following text: Step by step online Discord course, you need to ** Discord course ** Step by step online Discord course.


If you want to italicize the whole text or just a single word, you must use the same method as for making words bold. But in this case, you have to start and end what you want to detail with an asterisk.

. To continue with the previous example, italicize the Discord. Therefore, you must fill in the input field in the order shown below: Step by step online course * Discord * You can also perform this function

with an underscore (_) at both ends.

Strike Out To strike out a word or phrase in the Opposition section, use the two parentheses (~) before and after the text. The word is written with a line above it so it can be read. So this trick doesn’t remove what you want to strike out, but accentuates the text in a different way. In the example we support, you must write course ~~ Discord ~~.

on the Internet, step by step. The result is visible in the picture.

Underlining If you need to write words or sentences and then underline them, you must enter the channel of the selected server and enter two underlining characters in the write-on-line (_ _) field at the beginning and end of the text in question. So you have to write the __Discord__ course online step by step, underlining only the word Conversation.


Combining styles The tips we’ve shown you so far can be used separately.

But that doesn’t mean they can’t come together for the common good. If you use different options, you can make the same word or text bold and underlined, among other things. See below how you can mix and match all situations:

  • Underlined and bold: You can combine the two functions by first entering two asterisks and then two underscores. You must break off the end of a word or phrase and then end it with an asterisk. For example: ** __ Don’t agree __ **
  • . Italics and underlining : If you want to combine the two styles, first write an asterisk, then an underscore, then the text you want to highlight, and finally a hyphen and an asterisk. Don’t forget to put an asterisk, because when you write 2, it will be in bold, not italics. So our example would be * __ Disagreement __.
  • . Bold and italic font : In this case, you should write and end with 3 asterisks.
  • . Underline, bold and italic : To combine these three tips, type three asterisks followed by two underscores in the message bar. You must write (in this order) two underscores and three asterisks at the end of the text. So, to use the example we analyzed, it would be *** __ Disagree __ ***.
  • . Strike out and grease up: In this case, you should type 2 small characters, then asterisks, write what you want to highlight, and then finish with 2 asterisks and small characters. So, the example remains… A disagreement…
  • . Bold, crossed out and underlined: If you want, you can underline the text you want to highlight in the previous step. A z. B. To make this ~~ ** **_ disagree __ ** ~~, place two underscores on each side.
  • . Italics, underline, strikethrough and bold : Here’s the full combination you can use on Discord. You need to write two lowercase letters, then three asterisks, two underscores and the text you want to highlight. Finally, type in the following order: two underscores, three asterisks, and two dots. It will be like… *** __ disagreement __ __ __.


A list of the best Discord tips you need to know to become an expert.

To become a true expert in using Discord, check out the following list of tips to get the most out of the platform:

Change the look of Discord If you are one of those people who don’t like to see monotonous applications on your screen, the instant messaging platform gives you the option to vary the theme of Discord. This offers you many advantages when playing games or when you spend too much time in front of the screen.

because you can change the color or reduce the brightness and improve the overall picture.

  • You need to follow these steps: After entering Diskordgo in the left field.
  • on the home screen. Search the user settings options
  • which is represented by the cog at the end of the name. When you click on it, a pop-up menu appears. Go to the configuration section of the application and click on the Attachment tool.
  • . You can then choose the type of theme

, Display of messages and chat font size.

Avoiding unwanted spoilers You can use the tool provided by Discord to hide part of your text message, which allows you to avoid revealing relevant details about the topics you discuss in your channel. You can create a spoiler in text messages, images, mentions or links.


  • To hide the information, follow these instructions: Select the desired message
  • hide. A menu will appear, from which you should choose the option Mark as spoiler.
  • represented by the eye symbol. You will see that the text is divided into several parts. Send a message

, like you always do.

Limit the number of messages per user If you have a community that receives a large number of messages all the time, it’s important that you use the Slowmode tool. With this function you can

configure the time elapsed between one message and another from this subscriber.

  • You need to make a guide: Go to the Disassembly section and go to Channel Configuration.
  • you want to implement. Then select the Edit Channel option
  • . Then you must click on General view
  • . Select the interval to set the timeout. Remember to select slow mode or scroll slowly to the end if you have an ActiveManage channel resolution.


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