In Spain and Latin America, piracy has become quite commonplace. Perhaps it’s this company’s rebellion to pay for content they believe should be free, or simply the limitations of certain countries in terms of access to appropriate payment methods, but the fact is that piracy is undoubtedly more pronounced in those regions.

In this sense, there are a large number of portals that specialize in offering a dose of pirated content to the users, and advertising on these portals has become a very lucrative business. We’ve had The Pirate Bay, RojaDirecta and, most recently, DailySport, a free streaming platform that offers football broadcasts.

Today, the platform is apparently 100% blocked or shut down, leaving users upside down and unable to view their sports content. Today we’ll give the reasons for DailySport’s internet censorship and, more importantly, the best alternatives you can find to keep watching your live sporting events.

What happened to DailySport? Are they closed or have they closed permanently?

Giving away free paid content is illegal, you probably already knew that, and you shouldn’t be surprised that illegal portals like DailySport are banned. Even if you think the internet should be free, the reality is that behind every job is a team of professionals who earn a decent salary that the company has to pay them.

Therefore, production companies are putting more and more pressure on operators to operate these types of platforms, because they are losing a lot of money every year. With the help of DailySport, which has been operating since 2020, they have started to keep their domains in Spain by blocking them. Nearly a dozen domains of this brand have been blocked by Movistar, Vodafone, Orange, MásMóvil and other internet and phone companies in the country.

Latam could continue to appear on the platform, but now that they have lost most of their population in Spain, their advertising revenue has become too low, not to mention that their developers have likely been approached by the authorities and given a legal ultimatum. This led to the decision to discontinue the project altogether.

If you log in using the domain, the last one available today, you will see a message that says: Hello users of Daily Sports, the network is closing for good. Thank you for your support #dailysport. This means the end of the platform, which had a short life but could fill the gap left by Rohadirekta or PirloTV.

How does blocking or censoring operators of pirate streaming platforms work?

This is a fairly simple process that resides in the SNI server, or Server Name Indication, which is responsible for grouping a series of websites under a single IP address. This means that every connection must query this server. By performing a correct handshake with TLS to verify that the connection is secure and that the HTTPS protocol is being used, the operator can easily identify the portal that we are trying to access.

This allows any illegal streaming or downloading platforms that use the HTTPS protocol – and they almost all do – to be easily identified and attempts to connect to them blocked. So when we try to connect to one of these banned sites, we see the message Content is blocked at the request of the competent authority, which refers to this operator, or simply the connection is not private.

Today it is impossible to enter for the simple reason that there is no entrance anywhere. The reality is that DailySport has closed for good and there is no longer a site operating the platform. It used to be possible to connect via a VPN that changed the IP address to that of the country where it was not blocked, but this no longer works because the project has been permanently discontinued.


Although the DailySport platform has closed, that doesn’t mean you can’t watch sports online in high definition anymore. Fortunately, there are several fully legal platforms that allow you to watch football, NBA or Euroleague basketball, tennis, Formula 1 and all other television sports.

Below are the main ones where you can exercise the most:

DirecTV Sports Game

An option for Latinos and Americans. DirecTV, owned by AT&T, is one of the largest television companies in the world. It has a digital platform on the web and a mobile app that lets you stream content for free.

In DirecTV Sport Play you can mainly watch football, both the Spanish LaLiga and the English Premier League. To access it, simply subscribe to one of the company’s satellite TV packages, which also offers access to other sports streaming platforms like ESPN Play.

beIN Connect

Mediapro Group’s streaming platform, available only for Spain since 2015, is one of the most popular platforms for watching sports, including football in Spain and other major leagues in Europe. It is one of the most complete platforms for viewing Spanish football news.

If you rent the service, which costs between 7 and 14 euros per month, you can see 4 screens at once from one computer or connect to the same user from 4 different devices. You also get access to programs other than sports.


One of the cheapest platforms to watch sports online, but also the most limited. This is an initiative of the Atresmedia group, which combines a series of open television channels with some programming and the broadcasting of paid events on the sports floor. The most complete plan is worth less than 3Eur a month, although it doesn’t include sports like football or tennis, although you can watch social events like the Chiringuito de Jugones.


One of the most comprehensive platforms for broadcasting sporting events with content from Moto GP, Roland Garros, the Olympics, cycling and the Dakar Rally, the NFL, the NHL, the NBA, the American Cup, Euroleague basketball and the English Premier League. Although his main course is boxing, with broadcasts of this sport at the highest level.

It is also one of the cheapest platforms currently available to watch sport, with prices starting at £4.99 per month, although additional charges may apply for certain events.

Eurosport Player

One of the most comprehensive sports broadcasting platforms in Europe. You can practice various sports, such as football, rugby or cycling. All of these events can be watched live, but the platform also records them in video format so you can watch them when you have time if you missed one.

Benefits of this platform include the ability to change the audio language and adjust the angle of the main camera for anyone in the field or on site. The price is 7Eur per month, but if you pay for the whole year, you get a discount of more than 50%.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments. We will reply to you as soon as possible and this will also be a great help to other members of the community. Thank you.

Author : Mario Jose

As a journalist specializing in investigative journalism, I look for the truth in everything. Today he is 100% focused on technology, computers and the internet.

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