The main feature of the East Word Processor word processor is that it offers all its users a large number of elements that allow you to create highly professional texts accompanied by visual displays that allow you to easily understand your information.

It’s as if this Microsoft program has intelligent graphics that provide a visual representation to more effectively convey a message or idea. Moreover, these charts can be used not only in Word, but also in PowerPoint, Excel and other office software.

You can insert and edit all these elements anywhere in the text, giving you more control over each element. That’s why we explain here how you can apply these graphical elements to your text document. Follow in detail everything we tell you in your contribution.

Steps for Styling SmartArt Graphics in Word

These smart cards are just one of the visual displays of data and ideas that make it easier for you to communicate the information you want to communicate. Luckily, you’ll find different styles here, so you can choose the design that best suits the message you want to convey.

So here you will find projects in the form of diagrams or flow charts where you can present certain data, while other projects simply help you to improve the presentation of information or bullets in the skinlist.

That’s why here are the steps you need to follow to apply the style to each of your SmartArt elements in Word.

Follow the different steps we teach you below:

  • Before you use these elements on your sheet, it is important that you define very clearly what type of information you want to add. Because when you apply them, you have to choose the type of style that suits you best, whether it’s list, relationship, hierarchy or other.
  • Once this decision has been made, go to Options and select the Paste tab.
  • Then click on the SmartArt icon in the Illustrations category:

Steps for styling your SmartArt graphics in Word

  • You now have a new window on your screen where you can see each of the available styles of this article. Here, you just have to try each of them until you find the one that suits you best.
  • After defining the style you want to apply to your dictionary sheet, the next step is to click the Accept option.

Steps for styling your SmartArt graphics in Word

  • automatically I will add it to yourworksheet, and then every available line of text will be updated. In this way, these images can easily and quickly be applied to your text document in the desired style. Keep in mind that each of these styles will have a different shape.

Steps for styling your SmartArt graphics in Word

What are the best styles for each type of SmartArt?

What are the best styles for each type of SmartArt?

As mentioned above, these elements allow you to add information to your documents in a simpler and more attractive way, allowing you to explain certain information through visual representations, making it much easier to understand.

In addition, this word element is characterized by the fact that it offers many styles that can be applied depending on the type of information you want to add to the text.

With this in mind, we present here each of the styles available in the SmartArt tool:


These diagrams can be used as a list. In this case, each of your ideas will be inserted through a vertical list in which each of the information you want to add is separate.

This allows you to explain different points of the same subject in a simpler and shorter way. In addition, this list style is intended for information where items are grouped but not walked through step by step.


The other format we find there is the hierarchy, we can say that it is one of the most used in this kind of images. It is an organizational chart in itself, although the main goal is to show the hierarchies that exist in the company.

There are different models for this, whether it’s wooden solutions, family products or others that you can buy locally.


This type of style is intended for cases where it is necessary to repeat or circulate information, such as the fact that they have life cycles of a person or a product, as well as cycles of writing and publishing a website or for analyzing the performance of the productivity of employees in the company.

Thus, the type of information used here is the type that makes it possible to establish objectives, development points, completion, etc.


In this case it shows what the relationship between the components looks like, although it also shows more complex relationships. Therefore, it is especially to treat each axis of this style with that we show a range in terms of cost and skillbecause it includes quadrants and axes.


As the name indicates, this type of element is mainly used in cases where it is necessary to explain a process that may contain repeating numbers. The most common cases where part of the text and it should continue are when I use long arrows that connect one step to another and always show a directional flow.

In this category you will find more than 30 process styles, which explain all procedures in the plan or product and always show the status of the plan or product.


This time you will also find different types of images, giving you many more options to choose the style that suits you. Here you will find Venn diagrams, radial and concentric circles, which are mainly used to show the relationship between two or more objects or information.

In this case it may be a converging radial design where several elements influence or are connected to a central object. The basic pattern of Venn, which consists of two or more overlapping circles, is the same as the overlap of the areas that meet at the central intersection of the two circles.

And finally, the basic design of the destination, with gradations or hierarchical relationships.


This type of style is responsible for showing which proportional processes develop upwards like a pyramid. So they show a continuous configuration process in which they collect data without the filter shown below and continue upwards.

That’s why this style is designed to provide more space for text adjustment as the pyramid narrows.

If you have any questions, please leave them in your comments, we will contact you as soon as possible and this will certainly help more members of the community. Thank you very much.

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