For most of 2017, Facebook has been dealing with the PR nightmare of their “Livestreaming” feature, which they seemingly dropped on the world without warning, only to find out that it’s really easy to livestream a murder. In the wake of the recent Las Vegas shooting, which was livestreamed by the shooter himself, the Facebook team has been working on ways to improve their livestreaming platform.

Facebook Live has been around since 2016, but it didn’t really gain any traction until 2017. Now, the live video streaming platform has become an essential part of social media marketing plans for many brands. Facebook is constantly introducing new features and functionality to make it easier to stream live video, from automatic captions to multi-camera support. As a result, Facebook Live has become a very attractive platform for live streaming. 🥇 +15 Alternatives to Facebook Live  List ▷ 2021

Facebook’s revolutionary Live video streaming feature is now two years old and has proven itself to be a vital tool for both users and businesses. With more than 1 billion users, Facebook Live has become the de-facto place to connect with your audience, and the number of users using Facebook Live is only expected to grow, with more than 150 million users interacting with one another on Facebook Live each day. However, as Facebook Live’s popularity continues to grow, we’ve seen an increase in the number of groups and communities looking for alternatives to Facebook Live for various reasons, with some companies and organizations choosing to completely avoid Facebook’s live feature for various reasons. These reasons vary from wanting to avoid Facebook’s trending algorithm and rampant censorship to being worried about data privacy

Facebook is known as one of the world’s first social networking platforms, designed not only for communication but also for broader interaction, and includes virtual content that allows moments and experiences to be shared instantly. To make this interaction closer and more real, Facebook has integrated a tool called Facebook Live into its platform. With this tool, you can share any event that takes place via live video from your phone. Said lets you stream and watch live videos without downloading them first, including from our other social networks.

List of the best alternatives to Facebook Live for professional-level broadcasting

Facebook is not the only platform that can be used to host Live, there are other applications that offer an excellent alternative for this. In the following list, we present the best platforms for professional level streaming:


word-image-14494 This is one of the new tools Facebook has created for the professional use of live video. Allows you to create webinars with personal rooms using the link you get when you create the event. It is very easy to use because the same Facebook platform tells you how to use it for a conference, meeting or any other live event. One of its attractions is that it can be used for more learning purposes, meetings, conferences, interviews. To access, copy the following link You do not need to have a Facebook account to participate in your event. With a link you can reach many people.

word-image-14495 It is a platform designed primarily for performance and, of course, participation in live events. It has the peculiarity of offering open and encrypted codes to its users and does not require accounts to be used. To promote or involve participants in a user-created event, simply use the link provided when creating the meeting, for example to the social account of your choice. B. Facebook Live, can be linked. Enables interaction between all participants in the conference via chat in a backward mode. Use the email link to record a history of conferences you have held or attended.


word-image-14496 This network is one of the oldest and is now used professionally to store data, such as. B. Audio and video, streaming and live to send and receive various activities without the physical presence of the participants. You can use it to create spaces for conferences, meetings with clients or companies, training sessions, seminars or similar events (also called webinars). It has tools such as virtual whiteboards that allow a spontaneous idea to be handled in a more intelligent way. The live chat tool is very important when this platform is used in webinars for better user engagement. You can also record these video calls or meetings. What sets this application apart is the Facebook Live broadcast.


word-image-14497 It is certainly one of the social networking sites associated with Facebook, which is more social than professional in focus, but is beginning to use tools that allow users to successfully apply them to webinars. Currently, this is an alternative that does not require a lot of requirements and information to be put online. It is very easy to use and can be broadcast or streamed simultaneously with Facebook Live. Users interact immediately, for example through comments or responses to standard symbols: I like it, I enjoy it, I like it, etc. And one of the most important features is that you can send the video to your profile when it’s ready.

word-image-14498 This is an alternative tool for professional use . You do not need to create an account or register to broadcast live. It is used from the browser, so it is very easy to handle. It will be broadcast via Facebook Live as soon as an event is created. In the professional sector, it is in high demand for use in job interviews or seminars because it has suitable tools, such as chatting.

word-image-14499 Vimeo is one of the alternative Facebook platforms used by professionals, especially in the field of visual media, for livestreaming. He excels at live streaming from the internet on our various social networks. Recognized by film, television and live performance producers. The quality of the HD broadcast is one of its main attractions, as is the live chat and simulation. It has an excellent technical support that is always ready to solve any problem.


word-image-14500 A widely used live streaming program that is connected to Facebook. It is ideal and widely used for interviews, seminars, conferences and other group events via real-time video conferencing. When managing member volume, you can view your members’ questions live for the sender to read and answer. You have the option to add a guest to participate in the current activity by sharing the screen. You can also use images or text here.

word-image-14501 An alternative to live interaction, characterised as a basic tool for delivering live courses or talks, i.e. considered a complement to distance learning. It’s easy to use, you just need a URL link to broadcast on platforms like Facebook Live and others. You can start a real conversation with live polls, questions and answers. It broadcasts in excellent HD and its platform is highly interactive for more direct communication with subscribers.

Live classroom

word-image-14502 This is a very simple online alternative. When you register on the platform and create or book your event, you will receive a code to contact your customers. Mainly for those who want to organize courses, classes, workshops or live conferences. It offers high image quality, making it possible to conduct educational events via videoconferencing without the need for technical expertise. You can send automated payment management emails to new members of your event. You don’t have to download anything, it’s free, you can create a personal profile and invite through your social networks.

word-image-14503 A professional tool for live broadcasts that is currently little used. This platform is different in that it focuses on media and television coverage. It wants to connect viewers with these media for a more direct and different interaction. Allows to track content being uploaded and streamed live.

word-image-14504 It is an innovative and widely used tool, which streaming professionals use for all types of meetings or events that they adapt to the needs of the company. The feature is to organize any event from anywhere and even from your mobile phone. You can create dedicated areas where your employees can participate in live video calls. Allows you to record all screens and all programs, whether interviews, meetings, conferences or other.

word-image-14505 It is a platform that, like the previous one, is meant for professional use of live video streaming. It allows you to conduct video conferences easily, securely and for free. You can also hold live video chats with multiple people. An account with different modes that allow us to communicate digitally with our groupThe free package is the most used, although it has some limitations that prevent us from enjoying our conferences to the maximum, and other details.


word-image-14506 It is a tool from Google that allows you to make video calls to multiple people at once. You can also use it to call and chat. People can be invited by email, making it one of the easiest platforms to use. You can also invite guests via a link generated for a specific live video.

word-image-14508 A streaming tool used to view certain events, such as workshops or courses, via live interaction. Nowadays widely used for hosting and organizing a webinar event because of its many marketing tools. One of the useful tools is the automation of sending emails to event participants. It is also used for more educational activities such as online courses or cultural events, and even for broadcasting concerts. In addition, there will be approximately 5,000 attendees and more than 5 speakers.

word-image-14510 A platform for the more professional use of live streaming, specializing in webinar streaming. One of the most notable tools is the automatic search for prospects for your events. It may involve the participation of more than one stakeholder. This platform offers high transmission quality and very good capabilities to download videos quickly. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments. We will answer you as soon as possible, and this will also be useful for other members of the community. Thank you. word-image-14511

Author : Mario Jose

I have a degree in journalism, specializing in investigative journalism, searching for the truth in everything. From now on he will focus 100% on the themes technology, IT and Internet.

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