A new version of the PSVita emulator was released to the public this month. The new version is called “PSVita CX” and it’s the best PSVita emulator for iPhone available on the App Store. The PSVita emulator supports a wide range of games, including the latest games like: Gravity Rush 2, Dark Souls Remastered, Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD, Kingdom Hearts 1.5, Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue, and Tales of Hearts R. It also supports the following older games: Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony, Danganronpa Another Episode, Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 3, Hyperdimension Neptunia U: Action Unleashed, Hyperdimension Nept

As a big fan of the Vita, I’ve been looking for a way to play some of the games I purchased on the system on my iPhone. Unfortunately, there are a few major issues with doing so, that are mainly due to various hardware limitations. 👍If you like the article, please leave a like, share, comment, subscribe to my channel, and also leave a thumbs up. 👍My channel is a place where I review, and play various Video Games.

As some of you will know by now, there are quite a few PlayStation 2 games that are emulated on the PlayStation Vita. From 007 to SPU2K, these games offer a ton of fun for players and have a lot of replayability. So, I have decided to compile a list of the best PS2 emulators for the Vita, with a few bonus classics thrown in for good measure. **Disclaimer: this list is not all inclusive for PSVita game emulation. I have only picked the games that I have personally tested and/or have a good number of high reviews on the PlayStation Vita emulator site.**

Emulators are very present in the world of video games. If you are curious about the best PSVita emulators for iPhone, read this list we present to you. The Playstation Vita is a portable game console that replaces the PSP, the PlayStation Portable. At the time, it was widely purchased in Japan and the United States. It has a catalog of pretty good games. Unfortunately, this console is no longer on the market. PS Vita fans will therefore have to resort to emulators to breathe new life into old games on the console.

Best PSVita console emulators for iPhone

word-image-17415 There are many lists on the internet of the best PlayStation Vita console emulators for iPhone. However, we must inform you that there is no working emulator for the PS Vita. Although this console was quite successful in Japan, it didn’t really hit the market. Moreover, the technology is much more powerful and the security more sophisticated. Since emulators are provided by outside vendors, few developers take the time to create a competent emulator. In fact, the chances of finding a program that emulates the PSP, the first PlayStation handheld, are much higher. Emulators like PPSSPP, EPSXE, RetroArch and others can emulate the PlayStation Vita system, but not legally on the iPhone, without voiding the warranty. Pilot projects exist but their reliability cannot yet be verified.

The best PlayStation Vita games you can play on your iPhone

word-image-17416 Downloading an emulator for PS Vita is not necessarily a viable option. However, there is another alternative. Many of the games released on the video console are available on the Apple Store, and you can buy them for a small fee. Here are the best PlayStation Vita games you can play on your iPhone without a problem:


This is a game that was released in 2016. Night School Studio was the developer, and this was their first game. It belongs to the suspense and adventure genre. They follow the story of Alex, a young rebel who accidentally sets off a wave of supernatural events on Edwards Island. Critics have called this game immersive, with excellent character development.

Oddworld: The Wrath of the Stranger

Developed by Oddworld Studios Inhabitants, it is an adventure game that was released in 2005. It was later remastered in HD in 2011. They follow the story of a strange fortune hunter struggling to achieve his goals. By the way: The ammo used in the game consists of small insects that have different effects.

Required speed: Most wanted

It is a car driving game developed by Electronic Arts. The game is designed for adrenaline junkies and contains several competition maps on which you can show your driving skills. You can fool the police, challenge your friends and take out your rivals. An expert reviewer notes the soundtrack and gameplay.

Steamworld Heist

It is a tactical adventure game developed by the Swedish studio Image & Form Games. It was released in late 2015 and received very good reviews from critics. The game, in which you lead a group of space pirate robots trying to escape from their world, contains RPG elements as you can level up and customize your weapons.

Rings of Chaos III

Chaos Rings is the name of an entire saga of video games developed for devices like Android, iOS da Playstation Vita. On this occasion, we review the third installment of the popular Japanese RPG. First released in 2014, the game follows the story of Nazca along with the rest of the characters in a tale filled with exploration and drama.

Broken age

It was launched in January 2014. Developed by Double Fine Productions Studios, it is a video game in the adventure genre. The protagonist must approach different elements of the scene to explore them. The story is about two teenagers in different places who don’t get along but have a common goal.


It is a platform, puzzle and logic game released in 2011 by Danish studio Playdead. It was voted best independent game at the VGX Awards. They follow the story of a little boy who wakes up in the woods and goes looking for his sister. A game praised for its monochrome graphics and setting.

Sonic Racing

It is a racing game that was originally released in 2010. Later, in 2011, an iOS version was released. Developed by Sumo Digital and distributed by SEGA, take on the role of everyone’s favourite hedgehog: Sonic. The player can choose one of the 20 available characters to compete against each other on the craziest tracks. You can play multiplayer games with it. word-image-6340 Price : Exclusive Arcade


It is a game developed by Drinkbox Studios that was released in 2017. It belongs to the action, adventure and fantasy genres. The story follows the hero, a warrior who has lost his left arm but fights with his right. Critics and players alike have commented on the dystopian aesthetic and the combat mechanics and capabilities.


The game was released in mid-2012 and was developed by Game Arts. It’s primarily aimed at a children’s audience, but the themes make it an interesting game. It belongs to the puzzle and platformer genre. The mechanism is quite simple. You play as a skeleton who has decided to separate from his lord and master in order to rescue a captured princess. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible, and it will certainly be helpful to other members of the community. Thank you. word-image-17417

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This list contains 9 PSVita Emulators for iOS, that are available for download on iPhone, and 4 of those are for iPhone X. The list is not complete, as there are many other emulators for iOS that still have not yet been added.. Read more about ps vita games 2021 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the 2021 emulator on my iPhone?

A lot of us are still stuck at the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S+ of 2017, which means we can’t run the latest emulators on them. For the new iPhone XR, the iPhone XS, and the iPhone XS Max, the lack of an official iOS emulator is a big reason why a lot of users are stuck on their old devices. After dropping a few bucks on a PSVita emulator for iPhone over the summer, I started to think about how it works. After about a month, I had developed a pretty good understanding of how it works, but I still couldn’t figure out how to get the 2021 emulator that I had downloaded onto my phone. I spent a lot of time doing research on the Internet, but didn’t find anything that helped me on my quest. I wanted to find someone who’d done the work, so that I could easily find their solution. After google searching around a bit, I found this blog, and I decided to check it out. I had heard many good things about it.

Is a PS Vita worth it in 2021?

A new version of the PlayStation Vita is rumored to be coming out in 2021. The PS Vita is Sony’s portable video game console that was released on November 2011. When you think of the PS Vita, you probably think of the numerous popular games that were released on the console in its lifespan. But, while Sony has been tight-lipped about the upcoming model, the leaked specs and rumored date make the PS Vita look like a very interesting piece of hardware. Check out the Sony PlayStation Vita  List  to see what models are available and which games are available on them. Sony has just announced that the PlayStation Vita is getting the axe – a little more than two years after it arrived in stores. The company has issued a statement that it’s discontinuing the handheld, and that it’ll be removing the PS Vita from its online store on November 7. If you happen to have one of the machines left in your house, you’ll have until December 31 to take it to an electronic store to get it turned in for a store credit – but the PS Vita is currently listed as out of stock on Sony’s UK store, so the process of converting it into a store credit will be difficult.

Is there a working PS Vita emulator?

The PS Vita is long since dead, but it’s still stuck on life support. It’s in a coma, but it’s still breathing, and it looks like it’s coming out of it soon. Something about the PlayStation Portable system has people interested in hacking it and poking at it with tools to see if there’s a way to bring it back to life. There’s a big possibility that it can, but the PSP Emulator project has been on ice for years, and it’s not even clear that it can ever be completed. If you’ve been waiting for a working PlayStation Vita emulator for iOS, you may be out of luck. Multiple developers have tried to emulate the PS Vita on iOS, and some of them have been able to successfully emulate some aspects of the handheld. However, every time one of these programs is released, the team behind it is sued by Sony or they are forced to shut down, leaving the public without a way to play PS Vita games on iOS. The team behind the latest PSP emulator, PPSSPP, has just been sued by Sony again, and this time it seems like the case against them is stronger than ever.

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