In this article, I will present you with top 10 best, hand picked, and most useful accessibility apps for Android and iOS. These apps will allow you to use your device in a more convenient way, more comfortable and easier (mostly to just save you time), and always to make your Android phone or iPhone more accessible and user-friendly. I will focus on native applications, and therefore, for each platform separately (Android and iOS), because I believe you will get more out of it. Although there are a lot of compatible apps for both platforms, I know that the tablet users find this very beneficial and useful. Note that this is not a ranking, because I like each app for their uniqueness.

While over 50% of people are currently estimated to be using a smartphone, only a fraction of those are considered to be people with disabilities. Results from the Pew Research Center revealed that only 16% of smartphone owners have a disability. As a result, many apps aren’t designed with accessibility in mind, making it harder for those with limited mobility to use their devices. To help narrow the gap, here are 10 accessibility apps that can help people with disabilities in some unique ways.

The demand for accessibility apps is on the rise and has been since the launch of smart phones, this is due to the fact that in a world where people are using and relying on technology to do so many things, those with special needs are still entitled to the same opportunities as the rest of society. The market for accessibility related apps is growing rapidly and because of this, we at Alternativeway have decided to compile a list of what we think are some of the best available, this list is not ranked in order, they are all fantastic apps.. Read more about accessibility apps for android and let us know what you think.Every day technology advances and makes life and learning easier for many people, without exception. We mentioned exclusion because technological developments are also intended to help people with learning difficulties or physical disabilities. These special applications are developed by professionals in the field with the support of various foundations, making them free and accessible to all. Each has their own motives and goals, but they never go beyond the common goal of helping these people. In this post, we present you with a list of different apps that will enhance their learning and get them started in the world of technology.

List of the best apps for blind people on Android and iOS

The technological world offers benefits to everyone, including people with disabilities such as blindness. While not many people mention them, there are some great Android and iOS apps that make it easier for blind people to access technology:

Google TalkBack

word-image-13918 It is an application designed for all Android devices. It works through voice and vibration response where the user knows what they are doing through Google Voice. We can select the audio language and this app is provided by default on Android devices, just go to settings, then accessibility and select TalkBack.


word-image-13919 In Siri, the speech recognition system adapts to your needs very easily, allowing you to adjust the speech rate, speech type and other settings. However, the only detail is that it is only available for iOS devices. You don’t need to install it, as it can be found in the settings of the iPad or iPhone and is activated by selecting it in Siri.

Vote for

word-image-13920 The Voice Over describes everything that appears on the screen and what we select, as well as : Time, ringtone, battery life and more… Just slide your finger across the touchscreen to hear an action or choice. Like the previous app, it can only be found on iOS devices. To activate it, go to Settings, then find Accessibility under General, and finally select Speech Broadcast.


word-image-13921 This application allows anyone with a visual impairment or low vision to identify any object in a photo. All they have to do is select the screen with a double tap and a picture of the object will be taken, after which the application will immediately provide a voice message to tell them what it is. This app, available for Android and iOS, is an extremely useful tool.

Google Brailleback

word-image-13922 To conclude this chapter on apps for the visually impaired, let’s see the last app that blind people can use to learn Braille. Simply use Bluetooth and connect it to the Braille display on which TalkBack is installed to translate the exercises.

The best apps for deaf people on Android and iOS

We also have applications that make life easier for blind users, and applications that enable people to use technology with fewer restrictions. If you’re wondering what it’s all about, here are five of the most interesting:


word-image-13923 It is an application with many recommendations directly approved by the Association for the Standardization of Sign Language (ANICOLS). The purpose of this software is to translate into sign languages. His vocabulary includes 12,000 words in sign language. Signslator is not only a personal interpreter, but can also be used to send sign language messages through Facebook and Twitter to help people with disabilities communicate and use social media.


word-image-13924 With SignARTE, any deaf person can use their sign language to understand movies, plays, documentaries and more. The main purpose is to use the characters as a kind of subtitle for all programs. This application was developed by CNSE in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport with the sole purpose of enabling people with hearing disabilities to find accessible cultural spaces in any city.


word-image-13925 This application is designed to provide an easy and dynamic learning experience for people with and without hearing loss. The water cycle, its use and conservation can be explored using animations and text that is clear enough to facilitate learning. This application, developed by the CNSE Foundation’s National Center for Accessibility Technology (CENTAC), improves learning in elementary schools for children with hearing impairments.

Emergency call application 112

word-image-13926 Although this application is not available worldwide, it is a good suggestion for people with hearing disabilities who have difficulty reading letters to contact 112. By simply dialing an emergency number from any smartphone that has an app installed, you can find out the exact location of a person through geolocation services. The app has an icon for ambulance, fire and police, so you can indicate the type of help you need. The Ministry of the Interior of the Generalitat (FESOCA) is responsible for the further development of this application in collaboration with the association networks.

word-image-13927 With signame, deaf people can not only communicate, but also learn to communicate with sign language, and the learning is done through explanatory videos. The goal is to give children with intellectual disabilities a second way to communicate. This idea was developed and supported by the Vodafone Foundation in collaboration with the Garrihou Foundation.

Applications to make life easier for people with special needs

We decided to end this post with a list of apps that make life easier for people with special conditions. In this list we have included apps that can help a child with autism or other disorders that make learning difficult:

word-image-13928 Developed by the company Answare Tech, based in Murcia, Virtea It is primarily designed to improve the learning abilities of people diagnosed with autism, or also known by its acronym (ASD). The application mechanism consists of simulating different scenarios that the patient can experience, such as B. Going to the doctor, to the hairdresser, to the dentist, waiting for the bus. In short, this software serves as an activity reminder for these people.

word-image-13929 This application, designed for people with physical disabilities, shows people in wheelchairs where they can visit places of interest without restrictions, i.e. without obstacles for a wheelchair. Even if it is called a wheelchair first. With this application, people with these conditions will no longer feel isolated because they cannot visit certain places due to all kinds of limitations. It can be found for free and the language is customizable.

word-image-13930 Be my eyes is an app developed by Hans Jorge Wiberg that was launched in 2012. It has a mechanism that helps visually impaired people recognize objects we normally encounter in everyday life. The system consists of communication with other people through a video call of up to 30 seconds, which is made when a visually impaired user asks for help through the application. A notification is sent to a number of volunteers registered on the platform. Once notified, the volunteer responds and connects by sending a video to help the person solve their problem. This application is adapted to more than 180 languages.

I’m cappaz

word-image-13931 It is an application created and marketed for free by the Mapfre Foundation and the GMP Foundation. The main goal of this small program is to support people with intellectual disabilities. The only detail for users is that it is only available for Android, but with Google they work in sync to combine all the features, just like Google Calendar.

from day to day

word-image-13932 Day by Day is a visual diary that helps people with autism or communication problems by allowing the person to record all the actions and activities of the day in a schematic and understandable way. The activities are recorded with photos and illustrations. There’s also a great organizer for homework, as well as a calendar that keeps you updated with notifications of things to do.

word-image-13933 Lazzus, an app from Australia, is a virtual assistant that helps people with recognition difficulties and poor visual abilities get around by creating a full auditory field. It informs us about everything around us, showing us landmarks, pedestrian crossings, stairs, etc. It works very synchronously with Google Places and Open Street Data, making the measurements even more accurate.

Special words

word-image-13934 This application allows people with learning disabilities to quickly recognize and identify words and associate them with images and sounds. The mechanism consists of a kind of game with different levels of difficulty, so that the child is motivated to overcome each goal. It has a dictionary of 96 words and is fully customizable, no matter what language you prefer.

Special numbers

word-image-13935 A Special Issue is an application designed to help children with special circumstances that prevent them from learning quickly. The goal is to enable a child with this disease to recognize, compare, order and select numbers in a fun and educational way. Institutions that have used this mechanism have observed high learning rates, although the presence of psycho-educators and teachers is also required.


word-image-13936 Finally, we are releasing a great app that allows all children with learning disabilities to organize, recognize, distinguish objects by color, size and other qualitative characteristics. This game has several tables with progressive difficulty levels. It is expected that any child using this application will be able to improve their ability to recognize objects and find the differences in each object. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible, and it will certainly be helpful to other members of the community. Thank you. word-image-13937

Author : Mario Jose

I have a degree in journalism, specializing in investigative journalism, searching for the truth in everything. From now on he will focus 100% on the themes technology, IT and Internet.

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